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Monday, February 8, 2016

Clinton hit list

It's true that Hillary Clinton has drawn more attacks than just about any Democrat over the last 25 years. The level of hatred and paranoia is astounding. I have no doubt that Rush and FOX have a lot to do with this. They often make wild, absurd charges, which their listeners dutifully repeat, but they rarely get around to issuing any corrections or clarifications. Thus, all sorts of crazy shit is circulating out there about Hillary and Bill.

This doesn't mean that Hillary deserves any special consideration, however. The GOP, in all its filthy, stinking glory, will slime anyone and everyone who purports to stand in their way, all the while proclaiming themselves to be the only TRUE patriots.  

While this list of "terrible things" that Hillary has done is mostly bullshit, it still presents an impediment to her gaining office. While I have sympathy for Hillary, I still prefer Bernie Sanders. If Bernie gets the Democratic nomination, we will hear all sorts of horrible things about him too, most of which will, as usual, be bullshit.

Opinion: All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done — in one big list

Hillary Clinton looked bored at last year’s Benghazi hearing. That surely means she’s guilty of something, right?
by Brett Arends, Columnist
DOVER, N.H. (MarketWatch) — I have a confession to make: I can’t keep up.
Am I supposed to hate Hillary Rodham Clinton because she’s too left-wing, or too right-wing? Because she’s too feminist, or not feminist enough? Because she’s too clever a politician, or too clumsy?
Am I supposed to be mad that she gave speeches to rich bankers, or that she charged them too much money?
I’m up here in New Hampshire watching her talk to a group of supporters, and I realized that I have been following this woman’s career for more than half my life. No, not just my adult life: the whole shebang. She came onto the national scene when I was a young man.
And for all that time, there has been a deafening chorus of critics telling me that she’s just the most wicked, evil, Machiavellian, nefarious individual in American history. She has “the soul of an East German border guard,” in the words of that nice Grover Norquist. She’s a “bitch,” in the words of that nice Newt Gingrich. She’s a “dragon lady.” She’s “Elena CeauČ™escu.” She’s “the Lady Macbeth of Little Rock.”
Long before “Benghazi” and her email server, there was “Whitewater” and “the Rose Law Firm” and “Vince Foster.” For those of us following her, we were promised scandal after scandal after scandal. And if no actual evidence ever turned up, well, that just proved how deviously clever she was.
So today I’m performing a public service on behalf of all the voters. I went back and re-read all the criticisms and attacks and best-selling “exposes” leveled at Hillary Rodham Clinton over the past quarter century. And I’ve compiled a list of all her High Crimes and Misdemeanors.
Here they are:
1. When she was first lady, she murdered White House lawyer Vince Foster and then dumped his body in a park.
2. She drove Vince Foster to commit suicide through her temper tantrums.
3. She was having an affair with Vince Foster.
4. She’s a lesbian.
5. Chelsea isn’t Bill Clinton’s child.
6. She murdered Vince Foster to cover up that she once bought a tract of undeveloped land in Arkansas and lost money.
7. She murdered Vince Foster to cover up her role in firing the White House travel department.
8. After she murdered Vince Foster, she ransacked his office in the middle of the night and stole all the documents proving her guilt.
9. When Bill was governor of Arkansas, she was a partner in the state’s top law firm, and it sometimes did work involving the state government.
10. She once invested in commodities futures on the advice of a friend and made $100,000, proving she’s a crook.
11. She once invested in real estate on the advice of another friend and lost $100,000, also proving she’s a crook.
12. Unnamed and unverifiable sources have told Peggy Noonan things about the Clintons that are simply too terrible to repeat.
13. The personnel murdered at Benghazi make her the first secretary of state to lose overseas personnel to terrorism — apart from Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, George Schultz, Dean Rusk and some others.
14. Four State Department staff were murdered at Benghazi, compared with only 119 others murdered overseas under every secretary of state combined since World War II.
15. She illegally sent classified emails from her personal server, except that apparently they weren’t classified at the time.
16. She may have cynically wriggled around the email law by “technically” complying with it.
17. She once signed a lucrative book contract when she was a private citizen.
18. Donald Trump says she “should be in jail,” and he’s a serial bankrupt casino developer in Atlantic City, so he should know.
19. Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay says his “law-enforcement sources” tell him she is “about to be indicted” — and if a man once convicted of money laundering and conspiracy doesn’t have good law-enforcement sources, who does?
20. She’s a hard-left radical who wants to break up the nuclear family.
21. She’s a conservative “mousewife” who refused to break up her own family.
22. She’s in favor of single moms.
23. She refused to be a single mom.
24. When she was first lady of Arkansas, she pandered to conservative voters by dyeing her hair.
25. Before that, she totally insulted them by refusing to.
26. She’s a frump.
27. She spends too much money on designer dresses.
28. She has “cankles.”
29. She has a grating voice.
30. She yells into the microphone.
31. She spent 18 years in Arkansas and some of the people she knew turned out to be crazy rednecks and crooks.
32. She’s in the pay of the mafia.
33. She’s in the pay of the Chinese government.
34. She’s in the pay of the Wall Street banks.
35. In order to suppress the billing records from her time at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, she cleverly packed them up and took them to the White House rather than shredding them.
36. When she handed over the documents to public officials, they couldn’t find any evidence she’d committed any crimes, so she must have doctored them.
37. Congress spent tens of millions of dollars and six years investigating her investment in the “Whitewater” real estate project, and while they didn’t actually find anything, they wouldn’t have spent all that money if there weren’t something there.
38. By cleverly hiding all evidence of her crimes in the “Whitewater” affair, she caused Congress to waste all that taxpayers’ money.
39. When she ran for senator of New York, she was still a fan of the Chicago Cubs.
40. She once said the Clintons were thinking of adopting a child, and they didn’t follow through.
41. She was photographed holding her hand near her mouth during the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.
42. She’s got brain damage.
43. She’s old.
44. She’s really ambitious and calculating, unlike all the other people running for president.
45. She secretly supported Palestinian terrorists, Puerto Rican terrorists and Guatemalan terrorists.
46. She secretly supported a group that wants to give Maine back to the Indians.
47. She’s a secret follower of “radical prophet” Saul Alinsky.
48. She did her law degree at Yale, and it’s a well-known “socialist finishing school.”
49. When she was young, she did things to build up her resume rather than just for their own good.
50. When Bill was president, she “allowed” him to keep people waiting.
51. She’s married to a sex addict.
52. She’s an enemy of traditional marriage.
53. She didn’t divorce her husband.
54. His philandering is her fault because she is too strong, and too weak, and too frumpy, and too fat, and too cold.
55. She’s hostile to women who fool around with her husband.
56. A divorced taxi driver in Florida told me that if Hillary is elected president, “women will take over everything.”
57. She insulted Tammy Wynette.
58. When they left the White House, she and Bill bought a big house in New York that they couldn’t afford.
59. She sometimes calls her staff during dinner, even when they’re out at a restaurant.
60. She claimed there was a “vast right-wing conspiracy” against her husband, and turned out there was nothing but a bunch of tycoons financing private investigators, and some fake think-tanks and books and news sites and stuff.
61. When she got married, she didn’t “stay at home and bake cookies.”
62. She supported the Iraq War because she’s a secret foreign-policy conservative.
63. She’s a secret foreign-policy radical with a plan to impose worldwide “radical social experimentation” through the World Bank.
64. She is secretly plotting to let children sue their parents for making them take out the garbage.
65. She looked bored during the Benghazi hearings.
66. Oh, yeah — and she totally has a vagina.
It’s clear: Hillary must be stopped. Hearings now!

Sunday, February 7, 2016


"Legal" sales of cannabis and cannabis products hit $5.4 BILLION in 2015. That would put marijuana at probably #6 of the top selling crops in America. Corn is currently #1 with around $25 billion/year.

There are now 23 U.S. states that allow medical marijuana, but some of those states tightly restrict who can be a medical marijuana patient. Four of those states also allow recreational sales. We'll leave out D.C. where you can consume but not buy, unless I'm mistaken. 

So almost 50% of the states in this country allow some form of marijuana sales. If you make this miracle plant legal, you are going to hit $30 billion easy, which would make it the largest cash crop in this country. Think about that.

Legal Marijuana Sales Hit $5.4 Billion in 2015, Report Says

This week two marijuana analysis and investment firms released a summary of a report that appeared to confirm that the industry has become gold rush. National legal sales of cannabis grew to $5.4 billion in 2015, up from $4.6 billion in 2014, according to the firms, the ArcView Group, based in San Francisco, and New Frontier, based in Washington.

Demand is expected to remain strong this year, with a forecast of $6.7 billion in legal sales, the report said.

The promises and headwinds of the industry are potentially far-reaching and attracting notice on Wall Street. As more states legalize marijuana sales, analysts are weighing the stock market benefits of new businesses as cannabis goes corporate. Funds are considering the ethics of investing in marijuana. Parents are even debating whether to allow their children to buy the stocks.

And say goodbye to the common resealable bags and heat lamps in the closet. Lucrative legal side businesses are spinning off, like the climate systems for growers built by a company in Boulder, Colo., and the FunkSac odor-proof and child-resistant marijuana bags produced in Denver.

Nonmedicinal adult use accounted for $998 million of the total sales in 2015, up from $351 million in 2014, according to the ArcView/New Frontier report summary. The estimates are based partly on state tax receipts and data on medical and recreational sales.

The report summary said that by 2020, legal market sales were forecast to be $21.8 billion.

The latest report defined three types of legal marijuana use: adult recreational use; medical use of cannabis; and medicinal use of a cannabis product from which the compound that gets a consumer high has been extracted.

Four states and the District of Columbia allow full adult use, and this year, seven more will vote on allowing it: California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Twenty-three states already permit medical cannabis use, and four others — Florida, Ohio, Missouri and Pennsylvania — are positioned to advance medical laws, the report said.

Cannabis businesses face a higher tax burden. They are also unable to use banks because of federal laws, which can hinder efficiency and pose security risks, forcing the businesses to invest heavily in security measures. Increased competition across state lines could pose new challenges as more states legalize the trade.

the rest here. And here is a listing of top crops as of 2006.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

THC in space

Scientists have discovered traces of THC - the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis/marijuana - in a meteorite that crashed to earth.

Psychoactive substances across the universe? The idea is a mind-bender.

Thanks, sis!

Marijuana in Space – NASA Discovers THC on Meteorite Fragment | February 3, 2016
A team of astrophysicists at the University of Hawaii have created somewhat of a stir within the scientific community after the discovery of trace amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on a meteorite found in the Nevada desert in 2010.Meteorite Fragment Contains Trace Amounts of THC, Claims NASA Expert
The team of researchers who analyzed hundreds of meteorite fragments in search of microbacterial data found the presence of Tetrahydrocannabinol in trace amounts, the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabinoids, a class of diverse chemical compounds that are found in a variety of plants, but most famously in the cannabis plant.
The study, that is funded in part by a NASA grant for research in astrobiology, is the first documented find of a psychoactive organic compound originating from outside of the Earth’s atmosphere, a discovery that could revolutionize our modern view of psychotropic agents and their “cosmic” origins, admits astrophysicist James Han, head of the research team.
The discovery was clearly unexpected, admits the astrophysicist specialized in astrobiology.
“These findings will have a profound impact on the science of astrobiology as a whole” admits the scientist, visibly perplexed by the discovery.
“If psychoactive elements are found outside of this planet’s atmosphere, what does it say about the rest of the universe? If these chemical substances, that change brain functions and result in alterations in perception, mood, or consciousness in mammals as well as humans, find their origin in outer space, what role then has cometary impacts played on the human species? Or on life on the planet as whole? This discovery ultimately leaves us with more questions than answers”acknowledges the professor.
“It also gives a whole new meaning to the term getting high” he told local reporters, with a pinch of humor.
Traces amounts of Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) were also found in a meteorite fragment in 2009 by a research team from the University of Mexico but the findings were dismissed at the time because of the “controversial nature of the discovery” and a wave of skepticism from the scientific community. Further analysis of the sample could now shed some light on this latest finding, believe experts.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Arian Foster

Arian Foster, a running back for the Houston Texans, is one of the few out atheists in the NFL. RESPECT! Here he gives some advice to those guys who will be playing in Super Bowl 50 this coming Sunday.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

suicide bomber

It's been said before that criminals are not the smartest group of people. Here's more evidence.

Suicide Bomber Gets Sucked Out of a Plane Hole That He Created and Falls to Earth in a Blaze

If you didn’t believe in karma before, like me, you probably still won’t — but this would be a great example of it.
A suicide bomber boarded a Somali passenger jet Tuesday and proceeded to detonate a bomb in mid-air. The blast blew a hole in the wall of the jet that sucked the blazing terrorist out, dropping his pathetic body 20 miles north of Mogadishu. Aside from the bomber himself, all of the 74 passengers survived, with only two of them reported injured.
The Daallo Airlines Djibouti-bound flight made an emergency landing in Mogadishu shortly after taking off.
It’s believed the man managed to get the explosives past security by pretending to be wheelchair-bound. So far the person has not been identified, nor have any terrorist groups come forward to claim the attack.
Having only a burnt corpse and the blast as evidence, investigators are now backtracking before confirming the incident was an act of terror. Head of Daallo Airlines, Mohammed Ibrahim Yassin, confirms that explosive residue was found, but the findings are still considered inconclusive.
There’s a trace, but that cannot really make 100 percent that it’s a bomb.
The person seated next to the alleged suicide bomber has been arrested on suspicion of co-conspiring, and all other passengers are being thoroughly investigated.
As far as a terrorist attack goes, this is the best possible outcome. Unfortunately, though, the amateur terrorist will never feel the depth of embarrassment that he deserves.

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Bernie Sanders 2016

Bernie Sanders 2016



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