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Saturday, November 30, 2013

lap dances are back!

Houston's Mayor, Annise Parker, has managed to bring back lap dancing in Houston's titty bars!!   We have an awesome openly-gay lesbian Mayor!  Some may call this sexploitation of women, but this agreement actually fights the exploitation of women.  Time to celebrate!

City to work with topless clubs on human trafficking

The city of Houston has reached a settlement with a group of strip clubs that would halt enforcement of the three-foot rule and allow dancers to be fully topless in exchange for an annual $1 million donation to help combat human trafficking, Mayor Annise Parker announced Wednesday.

The money will fund a newly-created Houston Police Department unit dedicated solely to investigating human trafficking.
The agreement, which must be approved by City Council, will bring an end to a series of lawsuits since the city passed its sexually oriented business ordinance in 1997. The settlement only applies to the 16 clubs involved in the negotiated agreement.
Among the provisions of that ordinance was a rule requiring dancers to remain at least three feet from audience members. The law also required dancers to wear pasties, obtain licenses from the city, and prohibited clubs from having private so-called VIP rooms.
Under the settlement, the businesses agreed to eliminate private rooms, train employees on human trafficking awareness and report all complaints of prostitution, indecent exposure and drug use to police.
"Establishing a working relationship with these 16 clubs will assist law enforcement in reducing criminal activity, help us combat human trafficking and, hopefully, allow us to focus police resources on the rogue clubs," Parker said. "This settlement allows us to address the problem head on in a meaningful way with funding and staff."
The city's sexually oriented business ordinance, passed in 1997, also requires strip clubs to operate at least 1,500 feet from schools, day cares, parks and churches.
What?  It still has to be approved by City Council?  Oh, shit!  Original.


I sure miss George Carlin.  He was one funny atheist.  Thank goodness for YouTube and video!

Friday, November 29, 2013

iceberg, ho!!

Science will either save us, or kill us off.

An Iceberg the Size of Singapore Breaks Off in Antarctica

As yet more proof of the disturbing effects of global warming, a massive chunk of ice, estimated at 22 miles by 12 miles, has broken off of the continent of Antarctica.

We already know that during 2012, the Arctic broke several climate records, including a level of unprecedented warmth that created rapid ice loss.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warned in its “The State of the Climate in 2012“ report that last year was one of the 10 hottest years since the beginning of recording global average temperatures.
As a result, it seems that the North Pole is turning into the North Pool. Now it seems that the South Pole is just as much at risk thanks to climate change.
The Singapore-sized chunk of ice broke off from Pine Island Glacier in Western Antarctica.
Scientists originally noticed a crack forming in October 2011, so it has taken two years for the iceberg, known as B-31, to finally move away from the coast. They were not entirely surprised, since the shelf of Pine Island Glacier has been inching forward at the rate of 2.5 miles a year, and large chunks have been seen breaking off every five or six years, but this chunk of ice is twice the size of any previous ones.
You can watch video of this dramatic rupture here:

At this point, no one knows whether the iceberg will stay trapped in Pine Island Bay or get set adrift in the Southern Ocean. In that case, it could pose major problems for shipping lanes.
Recognizing this dangerous possibility, researchers from the UK have been awarded an emergency grant to track this vast iceberg.
From the BBC:
“From the time it had been found that the crack had gone all the way across in July, it had stayed iced-in because it was still winter (in Antarctica),” explained principal investigator Grant Bigg from the University of Sheffield.
A Nasa aircraft was the first to detect the expanding crack across the Pine Island Glacier in 2011.
“But in the last couple of days, it has begun to break away and now a kilometre or two of clear water has developed between it and the glacier.
“It often takes a while for bergs from this area to get out of Pine Island Bay but once they do that they can either go eastwards along the coast or they can… circle out into the main part of the Southern Ocean.
The effects of sea ice melt are not always negative. In fact, it is precisely because of sea ice melt that new shipping lanes are opening up in the Arctic.
Richard Milne at The Financial Times reports that melting ice is raising the prospect of an important new route for trade between Asia and Europe that shaves thousands of miles off the trip.
That’s not the case in Antarctica, where B-31 could pose major problems for big ships.
With the earth the hottest it’s been in 11,000 years, it’s not surprising that glaciers are melting around the world.
As Care2′s Kristina Chew wrote here, 1,600 years of ice in the Andes has melted in just a quarter of a century.
When are we going to sit up and start taking carbon emissions seriously? Not any time soon, sadly, as the recent United Nations climate talks in Warsaw failed to reach an agreement in key areas.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

we will get you!

In 2010, Cranston, Rhode Island high school student (who happens to be an atheist) Jessica Ahlquist, complained about a prayer banner that had been hanging in the school auditorium. The issue eventually went to court, and the school was ordered to remove the banner on March 3 of 2012.  

Her atheist father was very supportive, and she eventually was awarded a student activist award and $10,000 by the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF).  As you might imagine, Jessica endured all kinds of ugliness from the Christian community after complaining about the banner.  Christians can get quite vicious when any part of their religion is questioned or threatened.  

Jessica published one such threatening letter, with poor grammar included:

"The cops will not watch you forever.  We will get you good.  Tell your little asshole sister to watch her back.  There are many of us, 'Crusaders,' we have a better [sic] pool going to see who gets you first!  Your fuckin old man better move or keep you locked up if you know whats good for you. We know where he works, what kind of cars you have + the plate numbers of the cars.  Get the fuck out of R.I. you bitchin whore.  You are nothing more than a sex-toy of a slut.  Maybe you will get gang-banged before we throw you out of one of our cars.  WE WILL GET YOU - LOOK OUT!"

Wouldn't Jesus be proud?  If he existed, I mean. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

JFK's last speech

Did you know that JFK was due to deliver a speech in Dallas the day he was assassinated in 1963?  I didn't.  The text of it is below.  

In the speech, we see JFK the Cold Warrior, who insisted upon building up the nation's defenses to project sufficient strength to the world to say that it would be suicide to attack us.  We also see the JFK that was turning towards peace, a peace that the Pentagon, the CIA, and JFK's advisors could not stomach.  I still believe they hatched the plot to take JFK out.

Trade Mart Speech (Kennedy's Last Speech)
The president was scheduled to deliver this speech the day he was assassinated, November 22, 1963.

I am honored to have this invitation to address the annual meeting of the Dallas Citizens Council, joined by the members of the Dallas Assembly -- and pleased to have this opportunity to salute the Graduate Research Center of the Southwest. It is fitting that these two symbols of Dallas progress are united in the sponsorship of this meeting. For they represent the best qualities, I am told, of leadership and learning in this city -- and leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. The advancement of learning depends on community leadership for financial political support, and the products of that learning, in turn, are essential to the leadership's hopes for continued progress and prosperity. It is not a coincidence that those communities possessing the best in research and graduate facilities -- from MIT to Cal Tech -- tend to attract new and growing industries. I congratulate those of you here in Dallas who have recognized these basic facts through the creation of the unique and forward-looking Graduate Research Center.
This link between leadership and learning is not only essential at the community level. It is even more indispensable in world affairs. Ignorance and misinformation can handicap the progress of a city or a company, but they can, if allowed to prevail in foreign policy, handicap this country's security. In a world of complex and continuing problems, in a world full of frustrations and irritations, America's leadership must be guided by the lights of learning and reason -- or else those who confuse rhetoric with reality and the plausible with the possible will gain the popular ascendancy with their seemingly swift and simple solutions to every world problem.
There will always be dissident voices heard in the land, expressing opposition without alternative, finding fault but never favor, perceiving gloom on every side and seeking influence without responsibility. Those voices are inevitable.
But today other voices are heard in the land -- voices preaching doctrines wholly unrelated to reality, wholly unsuited to the sixties, doctrines which apparently assume that words will suffice without weapons, that vituperation is as good as victory and that peace is a sign of weakness. At a time when the national debt is steadily being reduced in terms of its burden on our economy, they see that debt as the single greatest threat to our security. At a time when we are steadily reducing the number of Federal employees serving every thousand citizens, they fear those supposed hordes of civil servants far more than the actual hordes of opposing armies.
We cannot expect that everyone, to use the phrase of a decade ago, will "talk sense to the American people." But we can hope that fewer people will listen to nonsense. And the notion that this Nation is headed for defeat through deficit, or that strength is but a matter of slogans, is nothing but just plain nonsense.
I want to discuss with your today the status of our security because this question clearly calls for the most responsible qualities of leader- ship and the most enlightened products of scholarship. for this Nation's strength and security are not easily or cheaply obtained, nor are they quickly and simply explained. there are many kinds of strength and no one kind will suffice. Overwhelming nuclear strength cannot stop a guerrilla war. Formal pacts of alliance cannot stop internal subversion. Displays of material wealth cannot stop the disillusionment of diplomats subjected to discrimination.
Above all, words alone are not enough. The United States is a peaceful nation. And where our strength and determination are clear, our words need merely to convey conviction, not belligerence. If we are strong, our strength will speak for itself. If we are weak, words will be of no help.
I realize that this Nation often tends to identify turning-points in world affairs with the major addresses which preceded them. But it was not the Monroe Doctrine that kept all Europe away from this hemisphere -- it was the strength of the British fleet and the width of the Atlantic Ocean. It was not General Marshall's speech at Harvard which kept communism out of Western Europe -- it was the strength and stability made possible by our military and economic assistance.
In this administration also it has been necessary at times to issue specific warnings -- warnings that we could not stand by and watch the Communists conquer Laos by force, or intervene in the Congo, or swallow West Berlin, or maintain offensive missiles on Cuba. But while our goals were at least temporarily obtained in these and other instances, our successful defense of freedom was not due to the words we used, but to the strength we stood ready to use on behalf of the principles we stand ready to defend.
This strength is composed of many different elements, ranging from the most massive deterrents to the most subtle influences. And all types of strength are needed -- no one kind could do the job alone. Let us take a moment, therefore, to review this Nation's progress in each major area of strength.
First, as Secretary McNamara made clear in his address last Monday, the strategic nuclear power of the United States has been so greatly modernized and expanded in the last 1,000 days, by the rapid production and deployment of the most modern missile systems, that any and all potential aggressors are clearly confronted now with the impossibility of strategic victory -- and the certainty of total destruction -- if by reckless attack they should ever force upon us the necessity of a strategic reply.
In less than 3 years, we have increased by 50 percent the number of Polaris submarines scheduled to be in force by the next fiscal year, increased by more than 70 percent our total Polaris purchase program, increased by more than 75 percent our Minutemen purchase program, increased by 50 percent the portion of our strategic bombers on 15-minute alert forces. Our security is further enhanced by the steps we have taken regarding these weapons to improve the speed and certainty of their response, their readiness at all times to respond, their ability to survive an attack, and their ability to be carefully controlled and directed through secure command operations.
But the lessons of the last decade have taught us that freedom cannot be defended by strategic nuclear power alone. We have, therefore, in the last 3 years accelerated the development and deployment of tactical nuclear weapons, and increased by 60 percent the tactical nuclear forces deployed in Western Europe.
Nor can Europe or any other continent rely on nuclear forces alone, whether they are strategic or tactical. We have radically improved the readiness of our conventional forces -- increased by 45 percent of the number of combat ready Army divisions, increased by 100 percent the procurement of modern Army weapons and equipment, increased by 100 percent our procurement of our ship construction, conversion, and modernization program, increased by 100 percent our procurement of tactical aircraft, increased by 30 percent the number of tactical air squadrons, and increased the strength of the Marines. As last month's "Operation Big Lift" -- which originated here in Texas -- showed so clearly, this Nation is prepared as never before to move substantial numbers of men in surprisingly little time to advanced positions any- where in the world. We have increased by 175 percent the procurement of airlift aircraft, and we have already achieved a 75 percent increase in our existing strategic airlift capability. Finally, moving beyond the traditional roles of our military forces, we have achieved an increase of nearly 600 percent in our special forces -- those forces that are prepared to work with our allies and friends against the guerrillas, saboteurs, insurgents and assassins who threaten freedom in a less direct but equally dangerous manner.
But American military might should not and need not stand alone against the ambitions of international communism. Our security and strength, in the last analysis, directly depend on the security and strength of others, and that is why our military and economic assistance plays such a key role in enabling those who live on the periphery of the Communist world to maintain their independence of choice. Our assistance to these nations can be painful, risky, and costly, as is true in Southeast Asia today. But we dare not weary of the task. For our assistance makes possible the stationing of 3.5 million allied troops along the Communist frontier at one-tenth the cost of maintaining a comparable number of American soldiers. A successful Communist breakthrough in these area, necessitating direct United States intervention, would cost us several times as much as our entire foreign aid program, and might cost us heavily in American lives as well.
About 70 percent of our military assistance goes to nine key countries located on or near the borders of the Communist-bloc -- nine countries confronted directly or indirectly with the threat of Communistic aggression -- Viet-Nam, Free China, Korea, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Greece, Turkey, and Iran. No one of these countries possesses on its own the resources to maintain the forces which our own Chiefs of Staff think needed in the common interest. Reducing our efforts to train, equip, and assist their armies can only encourage Communist penetration and require in time the increased overseas deployment of American combat forces. And reducing the economic help needed to bolster these nations that undertake to help defend freedom can have the same disastrous result. In short, the $50 billion we spend each year on our own defense could well be ineffective without the $4 billion required for military and economic assistance.
Our foreign aid program is not growing in size, it is, on the contrary, smaller now than in previous years. It has had its weaknesses, but we have undertaken to correct them. And the proper way of treating weaknesses is to replace them with strength, not to increase those weaknesses by emasculating essential programs. Dollar for dollar, in or out of government, there is no better form of investment in our national security than our much-abused foreign aid program. We cannot afford to lose it. We can afford to maintain it. we can surely afford, for example, to do as much for our 19 needy neighbors of Latin America as the Communist bloc is sending to the island of Cuba alone.
I have spoken of strength largely in terms of the deterrence and resistance of aggression and attack. But in today's world, freedom can be lost without a shot being fired, by ballots as well as bullets. The success of our leadership is dependent upon respect for our mission in the world as well as our missiles -- on a clearer recognition of the virtues of freedom as well as the evils of tyranny.
That is why our Information Agency has doubled the shortwave broadcasting powers of the Voice of America and increased the number of broadcasting hours by 30 percent, increased Spanish language broadcasting to Cuba and Latin America from 1 to 9 hours a day, increased seven-fold to more than 3.5 million copies the number of American books being translated and published for Latin American readers, and taken a host of other steps to carry our message of truth and freedom to all the far corners of the earth.
And that is also why we have regained the initiative in the exploration of outer space, making an annual effort greater than the combined total of all space activities undertaken during the fifties, launching more than 130 vehicles into earth orbit, putting into actual operation valuable weather and communications satellites, and making it clear to all that the United States of America has no intention of finishing second in space.
This effort is expensive -- but it pays its own way, for freedom and for America. For there is no longer any fear in the free world that a Communist lead in space will become a permanent assertion of supremacy and the basis for military superiority. There is no longer any doubt about the strength and skill of American science, American industry, American education, and the American free enterprise system. In short, our nation space effort represents a great gain in, and a great resource of, our national strength -- and both Texas and Texans are contributing greatly to this strength.
Finally, it should be clear by now that a nation can be no stronger abroad than she is at home. Only an America which practices what it preaches about equal rights and social justice will be respected by those whose choice affects our future. Only an America which has fully educated its citizens is fully capable of tackling the complex problems and perceiving the hidden dangers of the world in which we live. And only an America which is growing and prospering economically can sustain the worldwide defenses of freedom, while demonstrating to all concerned the opportunities of our system and society.
It is clear, therefore, that we are strengthening our security as well as our economy by our recent record increases in national income and output -- by surging ahead of most of Western Europe in the rate of business expansion and the margin of corporate profits, by maintaining a more stable level of prices than almost any of our overseas competitors, and by cutting personal and corporate income taxes by some $11 billion, as I have proposed, to assure this Nation of the longest and strongest expansion in our peacetime economic history.
This Nation's total output -which 3 years ago was at the $500 billion mark -- will soon pass $600 billion, for a record rise of over $100 billion in 3 years. For the first time in history we have 70 million men and women at work. For the first time in history average factory earnings have exceeded $100 a week. For the first time in history corporation profits after taxes -- which have risen 43 percent in less than 3 years -- have an annual level of $27.4 billion.
My friends and fellow citizens: I cite these facts and figures to make it clear that America today is stronger than ever before. Our adversaries have not abandoned their ambitions, our dangers have not diminished, our vigilance cannot be relaxed. But now we have the military, the scientific, and the economic strength to do whatever must be done for the preservation and promotion of freedom.
The strength will never be used in pursuit of aggressive ambitions -- it will always be used in pursuit of peace. It will never be used to promote provocations -- it will always be used to promote the peaceful settlement of disputes.
We, in this country, in this generation, are -- by destiny rather than by choice -- the watchmen on the walls of world freedom. We ask, therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility, that we may exercise our strength with wisdom and restraint, and that we may achieve in our time and for all time the ancient vision of "peace on earth, good will toward men." That must always be our goal, and the righteousness of our cause must always underlie our strength. For as was written long ago: "except the Lord keep the city, the watchmen waketh but in vain."

Monday, November 25, 2013

an FFRF win!

Dan Barker, an ex-preacher, and his wife, Annie Laurie Gaylor, are co-Presidents of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).  They have been doing some great work for the separation of church and state.

They just scored another big victory.

FFRF, Gaylor, Barker overturn ‘parsonage exemption’ clergy privilege 

November 22, 2013

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and its co-presidents Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker have won a significant ruling with far-reaching ramifications declaring unconstitutional the 1954 “parish exemption” uniquely benefiting “ministers of the gospel.”

“May we say hallelujah! This decision agrees with us that Congress may not reward ministers for fighting a ‘godless and anti-religious’ movement by letting them pay less income tax. The rest of us should not pay more because clergy pay less,” Gaylor and Barker commented.

U.S. District Judge Barbara B. Crabb for the Western District of Wisconsin issued a strong, 43-page decision Thursday declaring unconstitutional 26 U.S. C. § 107(2), passed by Congress in 1954. Quoting the Supreme Court, Crabb noted, “Every tax exemption constitutes subsidy.” The law allowed “ministers of the gospel” paid through a housing allowance to exclude that allowance from taxable income. Ministers may, for instance, use the untaxed income to purchase a home, and, in a practice known as “double dipping,” may then deduct interest paid on the mortgage and property taxes.

“The Court’s decision does not evince hostility to religion — nor should it even seem controversial,” commented Richard L. Bolton, FFRF’s attorney in the case. “The Court has simply recognized the reality that a tax free housing allowance available only to ministers is a significant benefit from the government unconstitutionally provided on the basis of religion.”

Crabb wrote: “Some might view a rule against preferential treatment as exhibiting hostility toward religion, but equality should never be mistaken for hostility. It is important to remember that the establishment clause protects the religious and nonreligious alike.”

The benefit to clergy is huge — saving an estimated $2.3 billion in taxes in the years 2002-2007 alone, according to a statement by Congressman Jim Ramstad in 2002. Clergy are permitted to use the housing allowance not just for rent or mortgage, but for home improvements including swimming pools, maintenance and repairs. They may exempt from taxable income up to the fair market rental value of their home, particularly benefiting well-heeled pastors. The benefit extends to churches, which can pay clergy less, as tax-free salaries go further.

The 1954 bill’s sponsor, Rep. Peter Mack, argued ministers should be rewarded for “carrying on such a courageous fight against this (godless and anti-religious world movement).”

“I agree with plaintiffs that §107(2) does not have a secular purpose or effect,” wrote Crabb, adding that a reasonable observer would view it “as an endorsement of religion.”

Crabb wrote that “the exemption provides a benefit to religious persons and no one else, even though doing so is not necessary to alleviate a special burden on religious exercise.”

All taxpayers are burdened by taxes, Crabb noted. “Defendants do not identify any reason why a requirement on ministers to pay taxes on a housing allowance is more burdensome for them than for the many millions of others who must pay taxes on income used for housing expenses.”

Crabb invoked the Supreme Court’s 1989 case, Texas Monthly, Inc. v. Bullock, calling exemptions for religious publishers from having to collect state sales tax “unjustifiable awards of assistance to religious organizations.”

“If a statute imposed a tax solely against ministers (or granted an exemption to everyone except ministers) without a secular reason for doing so, that law would violate the Constitution just as §107(2) does.” Crabb reasoned.

Crabb's decision dismissed as implausible the government’s strange argument — attempting to deny them standing to sue — that atheists Gaylor and Barker could “conceivably” qualify as “ministers of the gospel.” Gaylor and Barker, as directors of an educational organization advocating atheism and freethought, have not been entitled to claim the housing allowance FFRF designates for them, while any “minister of the gospel” may do so for promoting religion.

Crabb rejected the claim that the 1954 bill was necessary to eliminate “discrimination” against ministers not living in parsonages. “A desire to assist disadvantaged churches and ministers is not a secular purpose and it does not produce a secular effect when similarly disadvantaged seculars organizations and employees are excluded from the benefit.”

Crabb added: “Under defendants’ view, there would be no limit to the amount of support the government could provide to religious groups over secular ones.”

Crabb’s decision notes that the Treasury Secretary in 1984 wrote a memorandum advising repeal of § 107 because there “is no evidence that the financial circumstances of ministers justify special tax treatment.” Ministerial compensation may be low compared to other professions, but “not compared to taxpayers in general.” The recommendation was withdrawn after clergy protests.

In 1921, Congress passed a law allowing ministers of the gospel to exclude from gross income the rental value of housing, such as a parsonage, received as part of compensation, saying it was for the convenience of the employer. Since FFRF does not provide Gaylor and Barker with a house, FFRF voluntarily dropped that portion of its challenge.

While enjoining Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and IRS Acting Commissioner Daniel Werfel from enforcing the tax break, Crabb stayed her ruling until the conclusion of any appeals, as is typical in significant cases.

The far-ranging ruling makes interesting reading, even working in Robert Ingersoll’s maxim, “With soap, baptism is a good thing” (quoting from FFRF’s “De-Baptism Certificate”).

Read decision here

Friday, November 22, 2013

JFK @ Amer. U.

The Commencement Address that President John F. Kennedy delivered at American University on June 10, 1963, could have marked him for assassination.  

In this address, JFK delivers a passionate defense of peace.  Up to this speech by JFK, the Russians had jammed all broadcasts coming from America.  They let this one go through unjammed, and after this speech, stopped jamming all American broadcasts.  This speech was widely read and praised across Russia, while it was largely ignored by the American press.  

JFK was calling for the end to the Cold War.  And that just wouldn't cut it with our military-industrial-Congressional complex.  

meet FFRF

The wife and I have been members of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) for several years now, as soon as we discovered it. It's awesome to know that there are millions of others like us who don't believe the sometimes gruesome fairy tale fictions found in the Bible.

But if you are a believer, that's ok.  Just keep it out of the government.

Here's a 7 minute into the what and why of FFRF, featuring the co-Presidents of FFRF, Annie Laurie Gaylor and (ex-preacher) Dan Barker.  They're married, btw.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reid goes nuclear!


Harry Reid followed through on his "threats". He's been threatening to change the filibuster rules, or "go nuclear" in the sensationalized vernacular of our "news media", for several years now, giving the GOP ample time and opportunity to act responsibly.  

But it's the GOP, they CAN'T act responsibly (very few Republicans excluded).  

This change to the filibuster rule (meaning only 51 votes are needed to proceed) only applies to non-SCOTUS judicial confirmations and Presidential cabinet picks.  It does not apply to confirmation of Supreme Court justices or legislation.  

Naturally, Mitch McConnell, the GOP Minority Leader in the Senate, said that if he's the Majority Leader, he will make this apply to EVERYTHING, including Supreme Court justices AND all legislation.  

Typical.  The GOP got a little fucked here (by their own assholiness) so they have to DOUBLE-FUCK the Dems.  

I'm finally impressed by Reid.  I wish they had done this years ago, but it just goes to show how cautious and deliberate Reid is.  And he gave the GOP chance after chance after chance.  
Here's the video of Reid's speech today in the Senate.

The full text of Reid's speech is below:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

a glass of wine

A Glass of Wine 
To my friends who enjoy a glass of wine, and to
those who don't and are always seen with a
bottle of water in their hand.

As Ben Franklin said:
In wine there is wisdom,
In beer there is freedom,
In water there is bacteria.

In a number of carefully controlled trials,
scientists have demonstrated that if we drink
one litre of water each day, at the end
of the year we would have absorbed more
than one kilo of Escherichia coli (E. Coli) -
bacteria found in feces.
In other words, we are consuming one kilo of poop.

we do NOT run that risk when drinking wine &
beer (or tequila, rum, whisky or other liquor)
because alcohol has to go through a purification
process of boiling, filtering and/or fermenting.

Water = Poop
Wine = Health
Therefore, it is better to drink wine and talk stupidly,
than to drink water and be full of shit.
There is no need to thank me for this valuable information:
I'm doing it as a public service

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

animated art?

Here's an odd idea.  

Bored with all of that old art?

Not all of us can stand and stare at artwork and pretend to be impressed and then stare again and then focus in on how the brushstrokes add up to the emotion of what the artist was feeling during his struggle when his father did not approve of his calling. Some of us want more fun when it comes to art. This hilarious animation of famous paintings are that fun.
Cartoon Brew spotted this video made by animators Doug Bayne, Ben Baker and Trudy Cooper and it's a good one. The short animations were featured in Austrlian sketch comedy show The Elegant Gentleman's Guide to Knife Fighting. You can watch them all below, make sure you stay to the end for the epic finish.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Orenda Blu

Sanskrit mantras mixed with rock and pop.  And why not?  I like it.

it's of the devil!!

Funny how anything out of the "ordinary" was called evil and "of the devil."  Funny how things change over time.  Almost comical, if it wasn't so tragic.  Eventually mankind will laugh at the mere concept of "the devil."  Alas, not anytime soon.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekly Wonk

No, not Weekly Wank.  It's more frequent than that.

Discovered the Issue Wonk recently from Facebook.  Don't remember how.  He publishes a weekly round-up of news and politics that always reveals stuff that I wasn't aware of.  Although I consider myself to be  (fairly) well-informed, it's impossible to be current on everything.  So I rely on the Weekly Wonk.

For instance, after last week's elections, the Weekly Wonk published several election results I wasn't aware of, such as:

Election Results:  If you want to have some fun, watch Jon Stewart’s take on election night pundits. It’s a stitch. (You Tube) Please note, however, that there were many voting problems in New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. This may explain why late polls put McAuliffe in Virginia ahead of Cuccinelli by 5 or 6 points but he only won by less than 3. See BradBlog for all the details. Recount? Nope. Those machines have no paper trail so there’s nothing to count. 

Colorado:  The secession of North Colorado failed. 6 counties rejected the proposal to split the state but 5 counties endorsed it. ( So, it was close. What was behind it? Well, it was another “growing urban-rural divide,” which “was exacerbated by legislators’ raising renewable energy standards for rural electric co-ops” and “increasing regulations on oil and gas,” and passing “sweeping gun control.” (CBS News) Voters also approved a 25% tax on marijuana - recently legalized - to fund school construction. (ABC News) But a proposal to raise the state income tax to raise $1 billion to infuse poor and rural school districts, expand preschool, get new technology, raise teacher pay, and other innovations failed. (NY Times) 3 out of 4 counties with anti-fracking ordinances on the ballot passed them. (McClatchy) In Boulder, they voted to buy out energy giant Xcel Corporation and implement a long-term energy plan that relies heavily on renewables. (Tree Hugger)

Illinois:  The state House and Senate passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. Governor Pat Quinn (D) has said he’ll sign it. (Huffington Post)

Maine:  Portland voters legalized the possession of recreational amounts of marijuana. (ABC News)

Massachusetts:  Palmer voters rejected a plan for a resort casino. (ABC News)

Michigan:  Ferndale, Jackson, and Lansing approved legal protections for users of small amounts of marijuana. (ABC News) Royal Oak voted to bar discrimination against LGBT Americans by upholding a human rights ordinance that passed last spring but was challenged by conservative activists. (Eclecta Blog)

New Jersey:  Voters approved a constitutional amendment to raise the minimum wage $1.00 to $8.25 and “to provide for automatic cost-of-living increases.” (ABC News)

New York:  Voters will let 7 Las Vegas-style casinos be built around the state, “including eventually in New York City.” (ABC News) 

Oklahoma:  The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed Oklahoma’s appeal of its state Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the new law of abortion restrictions. (Christian Science Monitor)

Utah:  In Hyde Park they voted to allow beer sales with alcohol content of 3.2%. (ABC News)

Washington:  The proposal to label GMO foods was defeated. (Komo News) But voters passed a measure to raise the minimum wage for the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport area to $15 an hour. (ABC News) 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dave Zirin on Sports

I'm glad we recorded the Sept 9 episode of Moyers and Company on the digital video recorder (DVR).  Otherwise, we probably would not have seen Dave Zirin talk about "sports".  

It's about 43 minutes long, and it's GOLD.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ArtCrawl Nov 23

It's time for the annual Art Crawl in and around downtown Houston.  For such a right-wing state, Houston has a whole lot of cool shit. But you have to know where to look.

The original cluster of artists warehouses in Downtown Houston annual open studios Artcrawl Houston 2013
Over OneHundred & Fifty Artists and Art Organizations

Since 1992, the tradition of the artists "open studios" takes place on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Visitors have the opportunity to pARTicipate in the live/work/show spaces of these neighborhood"urban pioneers". The mission of the ARTCRAWL is to assist the public in understanding contemporary art by directly involving the visitors in a dialogue with local artists in the Artist Warehouse District of Downtown Houston.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

raise it!

The Republicans are seriously standing in the way of so much progress in this country.  I know that the essence of "conservatism" is to be "averse to change" but this is getting ridiculous.  Humanity cannot "stand still".  We do that and we are going to get passed by or crushed.  

How about doing what's best for PEOPLE for a change and not only what's best for business?  Is that really so hard you fucking neanderthals?

Here again, a large majority of the American public wants to raise the minimum wage, and the only thing standing in the way is the Party of No!  The GOP.

  1. 1.
    holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.
    synonyms:traditionalist, traditionalconventionalorthodoxold-fashioned, dyed-in-the-wool, hideboundunadventurous, set in one's ways; More
  1. 1.
    a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.
    synonyms:right-winger, reactionaryrightistdiehardMore