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Thursday, February 27, 2014

SECEDE Kilgore

Another clown in the Repug circus in Texas.  Is it something in the water?  Maybe it's all the petrochemicals in the air.

SECEDE Kilgore is on the 2014 GOP ballot for Texas Governor!  Kilgore's middle name was officially changed to SECEDE Dec 10th 2012. Kilgore received 50,000 votes in 2006 and 225,000 votes in 2008 running as a secessionist.
SECEDE Kilgore’s vision to end DC rule of Texas:  After winning the 2014 GOP primary, SECEDE will ask the current Governor to call a special session for a secession referendum to be placed on the ballot. If he refuses, then SECEDE will do it when he gets in office. Secession will occur within 100 day after inauguration or SECEDE will resign. SECEDE will not accept a leadership position in the nation of Texas, until at least one year after secession.
Some folks may want a constitution with a centralized government similar to the current US constitution; others may prefer local government similar to the US constitution of 1792. SECEDE plans to stay out of the constitutional battles so as not to hinder the progress of the coalition.
SECEDE looks forward to working with the US to negotiate a fair separation of assets and liabilities. Texas may end up more oppressive than the US or we may be a bastion of freedom. SECEDE promises neither.

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