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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hillary & email

So the United States State Department, the department that Hillary Clinton headed up for four years as President Obama's Secretary of State (SOS), has announced that there is no there there, at least where all this email noise is concerned.

Hillary "violated no laws or policies that were in place at the time" she served as SOS.  

And simply, "she was not violating policy."  

I'm sure that this announcement will quell all the clamoring on the right for more more MORE information about Hillary's emails.  Ha!  Right. Since when has the truth mattered to the GOP? Those with an agenda and an axe to grind will continue to swing away, obfuscate and sow doubt about Hillary's actions and motives, truth be damned. 

I, for one, am glad to hear the State Department say this.  To me, this has now officially reached the realm of bullshit, or as Paul Krugman puts it, "zombie lies." Even after something has been debunked, they just go on like nothing changed.

Disgraceful behavior, but there you have today's GOP.

from the Daily News Bin

State Department confirms Hillary Clinton email violated no laws or policies

by Bill Palmer

The State Department publicly confirmed today that Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email while serving as Secretary of State violated no laws or policies that were in place at the time, bringing an end to the substantive side of the “email scandal” if certainly not the political side. Clinton’s opponents in the 2016 election and their followers have been hoping the issue would force her out of the election, but now they’ll be reduced to simply trying to create a scandal where none exists, after the department’s official words today. 

State Department official spokesperson John Kirby appeared live on CNN today and flat out stated that “she was not violating policy.” Like many other high ranking officials who came before and during her tenure, Hillary Clinton opted to bypass the wonky email servers provided by the department due to the fact that they couldn’t, for instance, properly work with mobile email apps on smartphones. Previous Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice have acknowledged having done the same. The news comes as a disappointment to those in politics who viewed the controversy as their best shot at catching up to Clinton, who has a massive lead in national polls both within her own party and across party lines. 

Clinton turned over her email server to the FBI earlier this month in the name of full disclosure. But with the State Department having now confirmed that her use of that server violated no laws or policies, the FBI investigation is moot and will confirm the same. Opponents will continue to attempt to turn Hillary Clinton’s email into a scandal by making ongoing remarks about the supposed impropriety or illegality of what she’s done, but those statements can now officially be regarded as lies going forward. The remaining question is how many, if any, undecided voters will believe those lies. 


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