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Monday, June 26, 2017

Sunset Beach House

So, we decided to take a vacation to Hawaii and stay on O'ahu's north shore, and there are lots and lots of homes available for rent. We settled on one nicknamed, appropriately enough, the "Sunset Beach House."

It did have some nice sunsets.

And, yes, it's located on "Sunset Beach" on the north shore. It's at the northeastern end of Ke Iki Road. So one would think that it would be rather quiet. No neighbors on the east side. Except for the people that decided to pitch a few tents not far away. Not on the property, for sure, but close enough where we could smell what they were cooking. And I know I heard them fucking at least once. And their dogs kept escaping, so they would have to whistle loudly and yell at the dogs to come back. 

Oh, and King Kamehameha Highway was just steps from the house, so we could hear every car, and truck, and motorcycle, and emergency vehicle that passed by.

And no, it didn't have any air conditioning, so we sweated like dogs most of the day. The early mornings and evenings were nice, though. And the house had some nice artwork.

It even came with a pack of wild cats that were living under the house. The girls went nuts over them.

It even came with a decent quantity of geckos. Some of them are really beautiful, but they drove the girls nuts.

Oh, and there are wild chickens everywhere. Roosters too. And the roosters do their thing at any time of the day or night. But not usually at sunrise. And the chickens would get close and do their "buh-GAWK" noise, especially when we were trying to sleep.

Hawaii is beautiful. O'ahu is gorgeous. But my advice would be not to rent the Sunset Beach House.

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