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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting crazy

It is really getting nutty out there....

People screaming nonsense at Town Halls ("I want my America back!"), bringing guns close to the President, and for some reason convinced that Obama is trying to socialize everything and kill your deformed babies.

Where does all this Hannity insanity and misdirected anger come from?

Hey, a lot of us strongly disliked Bush, sure. You could say hated. We had our protest marches, and some people created rude and crude depictions of Bush. Some of it well-deserved. Some not. But not to the point of screaming in peoples faces and threatening them with weapons. There haven't been any shootings yet at Town Halls, but it feels like it's getting close to that. I hope it doesn't.

In a democracy, you bite the bullet, you don't shoot the bullet. You wait out the spoiled, pompous prick, and
change your elected leaders when you can.

I think a lot of these right-wingers want to off Obama and install some kind of Christian fascist state in this country.

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