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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Turquoise Mountain

No, Turquoise Mountain is not another mountain range in West Texas that we visited recently. Turquoise Mountain is yet another worthy charity, this time involved in investing in and rebuilding Afghanistan. This non-profit is run by Rory Stewart, a Brit who has spent considerable time in Afghanistan.

It is unlikely that we are going to "bring" democracy to Afghanistan. It is more likely that the Afghans themselves, with the assistance of the world community, will rebuild their nation into something all can be proud of.

About us

Turquoise Mountain is investing in the regeneration of the historic commercial centre of Kabul, providing basic services, saving historic buildings and constructing a new bazaar and galleries for traditional craft businesses. It has established Afghanistan's first Higher Education Institute for Afghan Arts & Architecture gathering some of the greatest Masters in Afghanistan and training students to produce masterpieces in wood, calligraphy and ceramics.

The Institute has been used to develop new Afghan designs, promote Afghan handicrafts through national and international exhibitions and media campaigns, open new markets, restore key parts of the Kabul museum collection, renovate public spaces and build capacity in the government and universities.

Most importantly however, the Foundation uses the resources and skills of the Institue to serve Afghan communities. Its particular focus has been the area of Murad Khane in the old city but it has also worked in a fort in Kart-e-Parwan and invested in the potter's community in the village of Istalif. In each case, the Foundation has delivered services to the community, supported local businesses, trained local students, protected historic areas, attracted visitors and improved living standards.

Visit the site.

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