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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bistro Menil

Had a dinner recently at the Bistro Menil. We're been meaning to get over there since it opened last October.

The head chef is a friend of ours, Greg Martin, and I have to say with no reservation that he is doing a fabulous job.

Greg has brought together dishes and tastes from all over. He brought us out a sample of his potato leek soup which was quite different and delicious. My main course, a Quiche Lorraine, was just perfect. The little side salad had the best and tastiest raspberry vinaigrette I'd ever tried. The wife's crab cakes were also perfect and quite delicious.  We didn't have time for a dessert, which I hear are all outstanding.

Greg has been getting great reviews all over.  Zagat recently named Bistro Menil one of the "8 Best Under-the-Radar Restaurants in Houston."

The Bistro Menil Facebook page is here and their website is here.

The really great thing about this place is not only that it is outstanding and run by a friend of mine, but that The Menil (Museum) is right across the street. So after an awesome meal, you can cross the street and experience the consistently outstanding exhibitions at the Menil, which is totally free all the time. The Menil is one of the real jewels of the Houston museum scene.

There is a new Salvador Dali/Rene Magritte exhibit now underway that we will be taking in this weekend.

Dali: The Secret of the Hanging Egg

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