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Thursday, November 5, 2015


On my recent travels through Colorado, I noticed a disturbing thing.  Well, a few, actually.

One involves MSNBC, the cable channel that "leans left." I could not find the channel on any of the three television systems that I was exposed to while in a hotel. In each case, the signal provider was Dish TV.

Amarillo, Texas? No MSNBC, but they put Fox News on channel 8.

Colorado Springs, Colorado? No MSNBC, but they had Fox News on channel 2.

Henrietta, Texas? No MSNBC, but they had Fox News on channel 6.

Each system did include CNN, which I guess is about as liberal as they can strain to allow.  I wanted to watch the Friday night Democratic forum hosted by Rachel Maddow. Forget it. Cannot be found.

By the end of my travels, I was starving for some commentary by liberals. 

It's not that MSNBC is populated with fire-breathing liberals, either. They are rather tame, in my opinion. Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Steve Kornacki, a little more aggressive, but still fair, especially compared to the ultra-partisans on Fox.

I am very liberal, but I occasionally flip on Fox News to see what the "other side" is saying about things. It is usually very derogatory towards Democrats. Insulting, even. But the poor bubble-boys and girls in those three cities don't even get a chance to hear from the "other side." This is an unhealthy, toxic situation.

I would expect that in a hotel, filled with travelers from all over the nation, you would want to provide a broad range of TV viewing options.  Not so, and it's sad and disturbing.

The other rather funny thing is all of the scandals that were taking place around Colorado Springs, recognized country-wide as a bastion and "safe place" for conservatives.

There were three scandals ongoing in Colorado Springs:

1) a mass shooting on Halloween night that killed three.  A common complaint I saw on the news is that, "This kind of thing just does not happen here!"

2) a sexting scandal involving "hundreds" of students in Canon City, Colorado, another small town close to Colorado Springs. And what did I hear on the news? "This kind of thing just does not happen here!"

3) a Sierra High School cafeteria fight in Colorado Springs where 21 students were detained for questioning. Some will be expelled. And, you guessed it, "This kind of thing just does not happen here!"

Maybe if the conservative world would pull its head out of its collective Fox News ass and join the rest of the world, this kind of thing would not be so shocking and they could deal with them rationally.

I'm not holding my breath.

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