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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

balloon sinus dilation

Oh boy, medical science has developed a new "treatment" for people who have a range of sinus problems. It's called "balloon sinus dilation" (BSD) and it is pretty much what it sounds like.

They use balloons to open up your sinuses. The balloons don't stay there; they are only inflated long enough to "out-fracture" a person's sinus walls, opening them up so air can flow more freely, and then they are removed or moved somewhere else that needs a little room to breathe.

That word "out-fracture" had me a little worried. They're basically going to break your face. In several places.

And all of that is done with only local anesthesia.  In the doctor's office.  I've seen face-fucks before but this was ridiculous!

So the wife has had sinus issues forever. Several years ago this same doctor performed a septoplasty, aka "turbinate reduction" on her under full anesthesia. She had some good, but not total, relief.

Over the last several years, her turbinates must have revved it up again, because this time he did the BSD AND more turbinate reduction. But he claims that this treatment should be PERMANENT. And he claimed that the surgery went very well.

I will spare you the goriest details but imagine sitting next to your spouse, holding their hand while a Mengele-wannabe Nazi fucks her face with two tools at a time up her nostrils. He's pointing up, he's pointing down, he's got those tools balls deep! And there are these weird cracking and popping sounds coming from her head! And every now and then, he turns on the buzz-saw to grind down her turbinates. It sounded like a grown-up dentist's drill.

And all the while, he's looking AWAY from her at the TV set to see what he's doing, because one of those tools has a camera and light on the end of it. So he's got these tools all the way up in her face while watching TV, and talking about movies to his aides!!  And yes, I could see what was on the TV too, but I couldn't watch.

I just wanted to punch that doctor for what he was inflicting on her. She is recovering, but slowly, with a lot of blood and mucus. I'm sure you didn't need to hear that. I only hope it really works.

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