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Monday, February 29, 2016

EOM dump

Continuing on a tradition that is at least one or two months long, here is the EOM (End-of-Month) dump of images and thoughts that for whatever reason just did not make it onto the blog.

Click to enlarge if you must.

They all got buried in a blizzard of bucks.

Here's a very welcome chart showing the decline of "God's power" over the last 6000 years. Thank goodness we are here today where people no longer base their entire lives on God (excluding Islam).

Contrary to what most people think, the majority of "welfare" goes to corporations in the form of subsidies, price supports, tax breaks, you name it. It's not the poor old black lady you should be pissed at, but the guy in the 3-piece suit on Wall Street.

The EOM dump wouldn't be complete without at least one cat picture.

...and that means CLOSE YOUR BIBLE!

Think Donald J. Drumpf (Trump)


but he doesn't care about starving children

Got a mirror?

The KKK is an American as apple pie, unfortunately.

You know, if everything on Earth was made by God, then science was made by God, and we should use every tool we have to improve the lives of other humans.

We must get off of the toxic fossil fuels. We have the means to go 100% renewable, but we just don't have the will. Still.

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