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Saturday, October 22, 2016

PISPI police blotter

PISPI stands for Port Isabel/South Padre Island. It's refreshing to see the very light level of crime in the community into which we will be moving.

Just a quick dip
Early on Sept 21 an officer was dispatched to the city Pool in reference to an open door . After checking that all the windows and doors were secure the officer resumed patrol.

Bumper cars 
Just before noon on Sept 21 an officer was dispatched to assist a motorist with a stalled vehicle on the 1500 block of Highway 100. The officer used his patrol vehicle to push the driver’s car into the Walmart parking lot to await a tow truck.

Time to requisition a paperweight
In the afternoon of Sept 21 an officer was dispatched to the eastbound lanes of the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway because of some loose papers on the roadway The officer scooped up most of the paperwork and returned them to a driver at the Causeway Cafe.

Also known as? 
An officer responded to a call on E. Adams Street where he made contact with two men who claimed to have been threatened by another man. However , the two men only knew the third by an alias. The subject of the threat chose not to press charges .

Guess what day it is 
At approximately 11:30 pm on Wednesday Sept 21 an officer stationed at the 500 block of Highway 100 observed a man who appeared to have trouble walking . After making contact with the man, the officer noticed the smell of alcohol , that the man had trouble keeping his balance and spoke with slurred speech. The man was placed under arrest on a charge of public intoxication.

While the man was being placed into the patrol car a woman who was yelling obscenities approached another officer. She too emitted "a strong odor of alcoholic beverage from her breath and person" and was also placed under arrest for public intoxication.

Once at the city jail officers discovered a small baggy containing a white powder that later tested positive for cocaine. The man was subsequently charged with possession of a controlled substance . The woman was also found to have five outstanding municipal warrants.

Honor your father and mother 
Sometime near bedtime on Sept 22 an officer was flagged down by a boy on the 200 block of E. Railroad. The boy told the officer he "got into a heated argument with his father." The officer then learned from the boy’s mother and father that they had been trying to tell him to take a shower, but he didn’t want to. The officer then spoke with the boy and his younger brother advising them to listen to their parents "and not to be disrespecting them ."

Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

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