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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Google Pixel

On Christmas Eve, the wife and I switched our wireless phone provider to Verizon from Sprint. At the same time, we traded in our two HTC One M9 phones for two new Google Pixel phones. We're keeping our same phone numbers. So far, we absolutely LOVE the Pixel phones. And since Verizon is the dominant (and strongest) carrier on South Padre Island, it's another piece of the puzzle in place.

I found some Pixel videos on YouTube and posted one here. The others are at the link below.

Other videos are here.

Here is a story about why the Google Pixel may have the best smartphone camera EVER.

And here is a story that says the Google Pixel is 'comfortably' the best smartphone of 2016.

What is rather odd about the phone is that Google apparently did not even bother to create a User's Manual. If you can find one, let me know. All I can find are various tips and tricks, but still, it's a fantastic phone.

Happy Solstice to us!

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