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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


So many Republicans wear their religion on their sleeve and accuse Obama of being the anti-Christ.  They need to change their focus, to their own mirrors.


Anti: Opposed to; against. 
Christ: Central figure of the Christian faith and originator of its teachings. 

Christ told his followers to feed the hungry. 

If you are an elected representative who votes to cut off food stamp recipients, you are anti-Christ. You are also a despicable human being. 

Christ admonished true believers to treat others as they themselves wished to be treated. 

If you are a politician who supports laws that treat women, gays/lesbians, those of another faith, race or ethnicity as unequal, you are anti-Christ. You are also a dumbass bigot. 

Christ told his flock that they are their brother’s keeper. 

If you fail to “keep” your brother by refusing to extend his unemployment benefits in his time of dire need, you are anti-Christ. You are also a selfish prick. 

Christ bade those who truly loved Him to give up their worldly possessions, and come follow Him. 

If you are a mega-church minister living in luxury thanks to church members donating money they can ill afford to do without, you are anti-Christ. You are also the lowest form of scum imaginable.
Christ said that as we do to the least among us, so we do unto Him.
If you vilify those whose very survival depends on government assistance by calling them lazy parasites who are sucking the nation’s coffers dry, you are anti-Christ.  You are also a lying little fuck.
Christ clearly stated that we should care for the sick and dying.
If you are a governor who refuses to expand Medicaid because your standing among fellow Party members might be negatively affected if you do so, you are anti-Christ.  You are also an arrogant asshole for thinking that your political aspirations are more important than those you condemn to sickness and death.
Christ said, “Blessed are the Peacemakers”.
If you are a politician who promotes war over diplomacy, you are anti-Christ.  You are also a coward who would see others die rather than be labelled a bleeding heart liberal by your warmongering political colleagues.
If you fill your campaign coffers or your collection plate by doing any or all of the above while holding yourself out as a Christian, you are anti-Christ.  You are also a self-serving,  hypocrite whose actions are beneath contempt.
By these signs, you will know him:
The anti-Christ is the pastor who tells his congregation that homosexuals are to blame for floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and medical conditions that afflict their children.
The anti-Christ is the office-holder who tells his constituents that the poor, the sick and the homeless who depend on financial assistance are to blame for the country’s economic woes.
The anti-Christ is the politician who refuses to support gun-control legislation because the violent deaths of school children are less important than the votes of gun-obsessed NRA adherents.
The anti-Christ is the juror who acquits a murderer because his guilt is mitigated by the fact that his victim was black.
The anti-Christ is the judge who sentences a poor woman to prison for stealing in order to feed her children; it is the judge who waives jail time for a wealthy man who steals a child’s innocence in order to feed his sexual appetites.
The anti-Christ is the priest who refuses Communion to the pro-choice advocate, while denying the sexual abuse of children within his own church.
The anti-Christ is the self-proclaimed pro-life advocate who turns a blind eye to the health and welfare of the already born.
The anti-Christ is the office-holder who tries to keep his fellow citizens from accessing affordable healthcare and earning a living wage,
The anti-Christ is the pastor who claims separation of Church and State when it comes to his tax-exempt status, and then uses the pulpit to persuade his congregation not to vote for certain politicians and/or their party.
Anti: Opposed to; against.
Christ: Central figure of the Christian faith and originator of its teachings.
It’s really quite simple, when you think about it.  It’s unfortunate that so many people never do.

To me, this is just more evidence that there is no such supernatural being as God or Christ.

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