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Friday, April 25, 2014

spider bite foot

You wanna see some gross, scary shit?  Just put those three words in the Post Title into a search engine and look at the pictures.  Yeow!

A friend of mine recently got bitten by what he believed was a brown recluse spider.  

brown recluse spider
They are pretty common in the southern parts of North America and love to hide out in boxes. How many boxes do you have around you?!?! Yikes!  I have a ton since we just moved!!


His bite required a trip to the hospital and surgery, resulting in a nasty gash in his foot. He wouldn't send any pictures, on purpose.  He's going to be OK, minus part of his foot.

He told me he thinks he got bit while he was sleeping.  Brrrr.  Naturally I had to remind him how lucky he was that the bastard didn't go for his gonads.  Yeah!! 

If you have a strong stomach, click here.

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The Lord works in mysterious ways.

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