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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dan Rather

After getting unceremoniously booted from CBS after 44 years for telling an inconvenient truth about George W. Bush's time in the Alabama National Guard, Dan Rather went on to join AXS-TV for several "Dan Rather Reports" programs.  Many of these were quite excellent. You can still view some of them online here

It appears that Dan is no longer doing the "Reports" for AXS.  This year, he has a series called, "The Big Interview," where he interviews only celebrities.

I noticed on the cable guide that a recent episode featured Carlos Santana for the 60-minute interview. Carlos is one of my all-time faves.  Carlos didn't disappoint; he was spacey as usual, and it was a very entertaining interview.

Catch it if you can in reruns, if you have the AXS channel on your cable or satellite.  There is a list of the interviews here.

I see that they will not allow a free viewing of The Big Interview on their website, but you can purchase each program for a whopping $2.  A new angle.

The interview reminded me that Carlos is currently under contract with the Las Vegas House of Blues for a series of performances.  He's currently on hiatus there but will return for another 8 shows in May.  We are seriously considering going.

AND, I understand that Robert Redford is going to play Dan Rather in the upcoming movie, "Truth," that will examine the "scandal" that "ruined" Dan Rather's career at CBS. Dan Rather is a national treasure.

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