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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Buffalo Bayou Park

On October 3 the City of Houston celebrated the Grand Opening of the Buffalo Bayou Park. So the wife and I turned out, and dragged Imo along.

Actually, the park has existed for years, and the renovations are not complete. But, what the fuck! Have a Grand Opening anyway!  Two stages of live music and art performances, food trucks, alcohol, bike rentals, paddleboat rentals, an illuminated parade and fireworks, all sorts of good stuff. 

They've done a nice job with art all over the park.

These human statues, called Tolerance, are cool, and they illuminate at night. 

They got lucky and the weather in Houston could not have been much better. Mid-80's and low humidity. 5 degrees cooler would have been better, but what are ya gonna do?

from Sabine Street

They put a B-Cycle bike rental location close to the Water Works, which is a simple open-air structure, with public restrooms, marking the "Cistern", the City of Houston's first underground drinking-water reservoir built in 1927. First? There are more? It's going to become a very strange artspace.

You can also rent a paddle-boat or kayak in the same area and take it out on the bayou. Often, Buffalo Bayou doesn't stink!

They have opened up a huge dog park - Johnny Steele Dog Park - on the site of an impromptu dog park. Now there are lakes, shade, dog-washing areas, benches, and far too many people!!

The next big phase is to rip up Allen Parkway and add over 100 parking spaces so people can actually get to the park. This is a huge park and it has maybe 10 parking spaces. Sort of an example of the haphazard development you get with no zoning regulations.

A really nice day in the park. Next time we'll go west.

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