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Saturday, October 17, 2015

meme dump

Sometimes you just have to purge, you know?

Here is something that the Republicans will NEVER give up on, no matter how many times it has been disproven. After all, their donors (read:masters) insist on more tax cuts.

Fortunately, most Christians no longer take the Bible literally, thank God! Now if we could just get the Muslims there, before someone starts nuking infidels.

Too harsh? Naw.

Heartless swindlers, aka televangelists.

And there is no mention of Moses in the vast Egyptian records, either. It's all fiction, people! Get. Over. It.

Can't believe I'm saying this, but I sure wish there were more Republicans like Dwight D. Eisenhower around these days.

Today's Christians have sure strayed from Christ's teachings, which sounds strange, because Christ is an imaginary figure.

Total freak-out.

And they attacked her and ripped the flesh from her body.

Gotta love the Bible!

No day soon, Tom. People cling tenaciously to their comforting myths, even if the story is gory as hell.

All those idiots pointing up to the sky when they score a touchdown. Yeah, Christ helps you but he HATES the other team!

Rules to live by, according to the Bible. It's a DAMN good thing Christians no longer take that shit seriously.

And check out David Silverman's new book, "Fighting God" (when it's released in December, that is)

I miss Jon Stewart. Trevor Noah is ok, but he's no Jon Stewart.

and he probably watches Fox "News"

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