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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Solstice Tree

Recently a co-worker saw the picture below of the tree on my phone that we put up in early December in our apartment.  

She said, "Wait! You're an atheist! Why do you have a Christmas tree?"

I said, "Two things": 

1) I like the lights of the season, and 

2) it's not a Christmas tree anyway, it's a Solstice Tree! After all, the Winter Solstice is the true reason for the season. Pagans used to decorate their homes and bring evergreen trees and decorate them to honor their gods and celebrate the Winter Solstice, long before the Christians co-opted the 25th of December for their mythical Messiah.

This year, we put up a fairly simple tree.

My co-worker was not aware of the actual history of the Christmas tree. Which is not surprising. She calls herself a Christian and has never read the Bible. Pretty typical, actually.

Happy Holidays!  Happy Solstice!

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