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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Las Vegas

So the family - I should say, my wife's family - is heading to Las Vegas, Nevada for a few days. They like to travel in a pack, which takes some getting used to for me, as my family is about as close as M101 is to M104

You been hearing all these stories about how badly the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) is fucking up? Recently, "a team of investigators from the Department of Homeland Security managed to sneak weapons and fake bombs past airport screeners in 95% of their attempts to beat the system."

Really fills you with confidence, doesn't it?

And now we have super-long lines at TSA checkpoints. Much of this is likely due to passengers trying to take everything on board, since the airlines are charging for most checked bags, but it's also surely because the idiotic GOP Congress insisted on cutting the TSA budget.

When I checked-in online for our flight to Las Vegas, we were listed as Pre-Check. Well, hallelujah. This means we don't have to take off our shoes, or belts, or even go thru the X-ray scanner. Our carry-on still gets X-rayed, but not our bodies.

Can anyone tell me how to get Pre-Check for every flight? Yeah, we should check out the Global Entry thing, but we don't really fly that much. I don't like it. 

Hearing those TSA horror stories, we went to the airport early, just in case. Sure enough, we breezed through the Security line and had plenty of time to relax before the flight. Then we learn that our flight would be delayed from 2:55pm to 3:56pm. Then it was delayed until 4:25pm. Then it was moved up to 3:45pm. Kind of a fucking mess.

When we finally got on board, it was a horrible flight. Turbulence almost the entire flight. Towards the end of the flight, the pilot comes on and says, "Uh, due to the turbulence, we are going to begin our descent into Las Vegas." Like, WTF?

We landed hard and fast and needed every inch of that runway. Survived another one! Let's go gamble our brains out!

More on that next time.

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