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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Paul Hardcastle

As a counterbalance to the amped-up nature of Joe Satriani's guitar playing, we have Paul Hardcastle

Paul has been Mr. Smooth Jazz over the last decade or two. His grooves are very relaxing, chill-full of mellowness. Somebody needs to take some of these mellow grooves and put beautiful pictures to them, but more than what you get with fan-made videos. I see a niche.

Paul really broke out in the 1985 with "19." You probably heard it, or traces of it. It was an auspicious start, and I'm glad he morphed into an easy-going groovemaster. After all, he's getting up there in years now. It's hard to dance all night at 60.

Here's "19" put to video.

And his more-current stuff, in fan-made form.

Paul asked me to share this one from his new release "History."

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