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Thursday, March 23, 2017

cleaning palm trees

We recently paid our yard man to clean up the palm trees on the western boundary of our property. We thought there were five palm trees in there, but when he really got in there and started cleaning out the dead branches, turns out there were 17 palm trees! Many of them were pretty small and we couldn't even see them because they were obscured by the dead branches and trash around the bottom of the palms. 

I had no idea cleaning a palm tree like this one was so much work, but it convinced me that I am NOT cut out to do it!

Can you find Alfredo?

All of the trash gathered around the bottom of the palm trees was obscuring the smaller palms.

In addition to cutting away the dead branches (all of which have large spikes on them), Freddie stripped some of the extra skin off of the trunk, revealing a clean, smooth trunk. The difference is like night and day!

We thought we had 12 palm trees on the two properties. Turns out we have 30!!

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