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Thursday, March 2, 2017

lot cleared

We would not have bought this house on South Padre Island if we could not have an empty lot next door for our future gardens. Fortunately, this one fit the bill. In fact, we got quite lucky because we ended up with two adjacent 75' x 125' lots. 

Years ago, this street was marked off with all lots being 50' x 125'. Back in 2000 or so, the previous owners had three adjacent 50' x 125' lots re-platted into two 75' x 125' lots. Our house now sits on one of the 75' x 125' lots, and the empty lot next door is also 75' x 125'. 

The real estate listing for the lot even showed 50' x 125'. Oops. So did the lot size for the actual house. Oops. So we got a helluva deal.

When we first started looking, this is how the lot next door looked: totally overgrown and a mess.

Shortly after we bought the lots, we removed a couple of trees from the empty lot. 

This past weekend, we removed several more: about five mesquite trees and we cut back the huge shrub in the NE corner to make a nice shady spot. 

We now have plenty of mesquite firewood! When it totally dries, at least.

The lot is now ready for the serious design of garden space. So many plans.....

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