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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sabal Palm Sanctuary

Finally got over to Brownsville and found the Sabal Palm Sanctuary off of Southmost Road. It's a quiet, beautiful piece of land tucked along the Rio Grande and Mexico, complete with mansion and nature trails.

They're not kidding about "Through the Fence, Over the Levee". This Sanctuary is actually south of the border "wall" which is actually just a fence. In fact, as we drove along S Oklahoma street after leaving the Sanctuary, we traveled along the border fence, and every now and then there would be a huge gap in the fence, where, presumably, farming tractors would drive back and forth.

We saw a number of Border Patrol vehicles in the area, though, and you know there are cameras ... there! and there!

There are actually some people living in this "mansion" while it is being restored. Oh man, the stars at night must be incredible.

Thank you, Frank Rabb, for your advances in irrigation, for bringing rail to the valley, and for your progressive politics. It kinda freaks me out to think about having to have survived in this area 100-200 years ago.

There are several trails through the Sabal Palm Sanctuary, but not more than a mile in distance. It was a very pleasant day in May, but it could be murder in July!!

One of the trails leads to a Lookout over the Rio Grande River, with Mexico just right there, within throwing distance.

Fortunately, information signs are scattered throughout the Sanctuary.

A notable thing about the Sanctuary is the sound of wind in the canopy above, and the birds darting back and forth. 

Another peek at the beauty of nature. 

Between the border fence and the Rio Grande (and the actual border), there is a ton of very productive farmland. Active farmland. We have already heard of a few cases where people who owned this strip of land and voted for #45 have been served with notice of condemnation of their land. They just had no idea that Trump would actually do it. But it does appear to be happening, here and there. Idiots are getting what they deserve.

BTW, there is a Border Patrol checkpoint in the area, so don't get the idea that it would be easy to smuggle a Mexican or two (or some drugs) from being so close to Mexico.

Travel on!

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