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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best tomatoes ever

Ohmigosh, the tomatoes! The taste of this Rutgers and Better Bush fruit is phenomenal, and it lingers and lingers in your mouth. We haven't bought a tomato since May.

They are well-protected from the wildlife by a simple 14' x 14' bird netting. We did lose part of one tomato to a bird recently. It had developed close to the netting and was just calling...beckoning to the birds. But just one. The caterpillars are another story.

These are the best tomatoes we've ever eaten. And these are all beFORE the heirloom seeds even went in the ground.

So far, in the Tomato War on my roof, the score is:

Birds - 1

Caterpillars - 5

Blossom end rot - 10 (all Health Kick Hybrid, a roma-type)

Harvested - 20 (all Rutgers & Better Bush)

Still in contention - 50+ (all three bushes)

We've had a steady supply for a few weeks now. Still have not gotten to that "I've got so many I don't know what to do" stage. Sorry, friends!

In the SFB2, all of the melons in the recently-planted SFB2 are growing like mad, especially the D'Alger. This shot was from Day 17 - yesterday - and today it looks twice this big. It will soon outgrow this box.

On Day 1, we planted 15 different plants.
We planted 31 seeds across 15 pots.
All the seeds are from Baker Creek.
As of today, 13 pots are producing.
13 out of 15 = a germination rate of 87%.

The two misfires (feverfew and Acorn squash) contained 6 seeds out of the 31 sown, which is almost 20% of the total seeds put in the ground. 20%, even though it was really only 2 out of 15 that didn't germinate.

So, 13% of the seeds failed.
And 20% of the seeds failed.

I'll go with 87% germination rate, mm'kay?

And of course, man does not live by food alone.

The eyes need food too.

Hey, could we have some rain down here, please?

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