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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Del Castillo free concert


The good people at Discovery Green Park in Houston could not have picked a better evening for an outdoor concert. I don't know how they scored Del Castillo for a free concert, but, damn.

Most years, Houston in June, outdoors, can be intolerable. Today, a front blew in (in June!) lowering the humidity a LOT, and with clear weather and temps in the 80's, it was just nuthin' but fine.

The Mrs. and I took in an excellent dinner at The Grove, a restaurant on the southern side of Discovery Green Park, at a table along the windows, with a fine view of the park. A little wine....some great it wrong to feel so good?

After dinner, we wandered over to the concert area and the hill was only half full. I've no doubt that most people were not even aware that this awesome band was playing (for FREE!) downtown this evening. Our good fortune.

We parked our folding chairs and enjoyed the music and the crowd. Dogs and children everywhere, but not being obnoxious. The near-full moon began rising behind George R. Brown. Just an awesome day....

and here's just the tiniest snippet of the show....I was just using my Canon digital camera. Not exactly high fidelity nor could say this video does not do the band justice. Duh.

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