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Monday, June 22, 2009

Tomato War Update

Who's getting the tomatoes?

Birds - 1

Caterpillars - 6
Blossom end rot - 20 (all Health Kick Hybrid)
Harvested - 30 (all Rutgers & Better Bush)
Still in contention - 50+ (all three bushes)

It looks like the Health Kick might lose most of its fruit to blossom end-rot. Damn shame. There are still a lot of new flowers on it, and supposedly blossom end-rot affects the "first" fruit from a plant but then subsides, but that ain't happ'nin on the Health Kick. So far.

It looks like flower production has now shut down on the Rutgers and Better Bush, but they still have a lot of fruit yet to turn. They have both produced some exceptional fruit, and if they disappeared overnight, they would still be big successes.

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