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Thursday, October 31, 2013


It rained like hell this morning and afternoon across the eastern half of Texas.  By 3pm in Houston, it was starting to clear up, and it looked like the trick-or-treaters were going to get lucky.

Night fell with a dull thud.

And we had NO trick-or-treaters come by our house.  Not.  One.  Which I think is fantastic.  Keep the little rug rats in the suburbs!

One of the local millionaires, Will Robinson, (yes, go on ... DANGER!  WILL ROBINSON!  DANGER!!), bought the ramshackle property next door and is going to transform it before our eyes.

OK, it's dark.  But the building in the foreground  will be demolished and replaced with a two-story building that will house offices and yoga studios on the top level, and a large garage on the first floor that will serve as a fabrication location for art cars.  What?!  Hell yeah!  Yoga and ArtCars!  Natch!

Turns out his mother owns the Art Car Museum in Houston.  What the ...

The building on the SW corner of the lot next door will be kept, and a second floor added on top.  In there will be a restaurant and several artist studios.  We're going to see if we can convince him to add some pottery wheels and a kiln or two, so the wife can practice her pottery next door.  

Why the hell not?

He threw a party across his new property last weekend to introduce himself to the neighborhood.  Welcome, neighbor!!

Free food.  Free booze.  He had a free photo booth with a greenscreen with spooky backgrounds, then put the prints in a sleeve with a magnet on it.  Voila!  Pictures from a refrigerator. 

There was a Palm Reader/Tarot Card reader/Seance table set up.

He brought in a couple of "rides" for the kids.  Kids?  What kids?  Hey!!  Where did these fucking rug rats come from?!  One was a little race course, and the kids rode toilet seat cars around the track.  Why didn't I get a picture?

He also brought in one of those weird spider-like machines with chairs hooked up to bungee-cords so you can spring up ... and coast down ... and no way the wife was going to ride that.

He built a funhouse maze inside one of the buildings he bought with a bunch of rooms of ... you know ... gross shit.  Reminded me of when I was a kid, building a funhouse in the backyard.

We heard a lot of young girls screaming and squealing, and a lot of black youngsters howling up a storm.  I could do without all the strobe lights, though.

A room full of black lights.   Show me those Billy Bob teeth!

Lights, colors, spooky sounds.  This guy spent a lot of time and money on this.  All just to say hi!

He called it the "Robinson Spooktacular Carnival 2013."  This guy is going to one cool neighbor.

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