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Friday, October 25, 2013

voter ID laws

There is no doubt that the slew of Voter ID laws that states with Republican legislatures and governors have been passing are meant to suppress Democratic votes.  

But, usually, the GOP lies about that fact.  They have been using the ludicrous excuse of trying to prevent "Voter Fraud."  Study after study shows there IS no Voter Fraud, or the numbers are so low as to be totally irrelevant.  Maybe once or twice per election.  Most times it is simply accidental.  But preventing Voter Fraud is the red herring that Republicans use to justify new Voter ID laws.

But then comes North Carolina Republican Party Executive Committee member Don Yelton, appearing on the Daily Show, of all places, and saying this, ON CAMERA:

Yes, the stupid is very strong with this one. After this segment aired, he resigned his position.

You think this "evidence" is enough to convince the Supreme Court that the Voting Rights Act is still relevant?  Dream on. 

It is just amazing to me that the Republicans can't win fair and square in the arena of ideas so they have to stoop to keeping as many people as possible away from the polls.  They should re-name their party something besides the "Grand" Old Party.  How about the "Old White Male Bigots Party"?

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