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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ken Paxton

Time for a few words from our Republican Uncle Lee.  He's been on somewhat of a tear lately.

The State Republican Party has won every major state race in Texas for some 25 years.  In the recent past, the Tea Party has pretty much taken control of the Texas Republican Party thanks to our carpetbagger Canadian import Ted Cruz.  Today the Tea Party controls the Governor's Chair, the Lt. Gov.'s post, and more importantly the Attorney General's office.

The Attorney General is the Chief Law Enforcement officer of the state. His job is to ensure that all state elected officers follow the laws of Texas, abide by the US Constitution and comply with all US laws.  Gen. Paxton has decided that his authority exceeds that of the Supreme Court. He has informed Texas judges and civil elected officials that if the Supreme Court Ruling violates their religious conscience they do not have to follow the "law of the land".  In other words no same sex marriage licenses.

By any standard, in all fifty states, this is an impeachable offense. Any Federal Judge can hold him in contempt of the Supreme Court ruling, have him arrested, incarcerate the idiot for 30 days and teach him a lesson.

Basically what Paxton is suggesting is anarchy, if he does not agree with the law of the land, disobey it.  He is also preaching indirectly, theocracy, rule by God's rules (as he sees them) not by the rule of the people, democracy.  Theocracy vs. democracy, just like Iran, the Taliban, ISIS, and similar groups who wish to rule in accordance with Allah/God.

All of you folks who voted for Paxton, this is what you get. a theocrat as he finds appropriate,  yet an anarchist when he disagrees.  I just wanted to remind you.

Also, I have three Donald Trump ties and one set of cufflinks, I'm interested in selling them. I don't need them any more as I understand they were made in Mexico. They were a gift so I'll sell them for the bottom price of $1.99, these are treasured gems, I have to give these gifts the respect they deserve, no negotiations. I think they were originally purchased at Macy's?

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July 9

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