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Monday, July 27, 2015


What Would You Do?

You have probably seen some of this ABC TV series, where they stage an event in public and see how bystanders will react.  It's sometimes good, but this episode is ridiculous and inflammatory.

Atheists are already one of the most reviled groups in America, and we do not need a major television network fanning the flames of intolerance, hatred, and misinformation like this.  

No atheist would act in this way.  I know plenty of atheists, and none would ever act in this way.  If I see a family praying in public, I may feel pity, but I certainly would not interrupt them to get them to stop.  We are not the rude ones, knocking on doors to check on the non-religiosity of people and trying to convert them to atheism.

In Jaclyn's comment section on YouTube, there is a link to ABC if you would like to complain to them about it.  I did.

Some of you might have seen my previous post, where I was rather insulting to apocalyptic Christians.  That is quite different.  It's on my blog.  It's not public.  I'm not humiliating anyone in person.  If you cannot see the difference, you may be a Christian.

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