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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

the Iran deal

Recently I saw a clip of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning that Iran was less than a year away from building a nuclear bomb.  The clip was from about a year ago. Recently I saw another much more recent clip of Netanyahu warning that (after this new deal expired in 10 years) Iran would be 10 years away from building a nuclear bomb.

One would think that 10 years away is much better, and safer, than less than one year away. No matter, Netanyahu condemns the deal in the strongest of terms.

The Republicans in the US Congress, still bent out of shape over that nasty black man in the White House, are opposing the deal with apocalyptic language.  And I'm afraid that what we have here is a case of "Chicken Little."  The GOP has complained and opposed every single thing that Obama has proposed that it is now very hard to take any criticism of the Iran deal seriously.

You just cannot tell any longer if GOP opposition is principled or knee-jerk.  I lean towards knee-jerk.

And here is an ad in favor of the Iran deal that I did not expect. Don't let the incessant Chicken Little GOP sway you. This deal is in everyone's best interest, even Israel's. 

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