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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ken Lay's condo

A couple of years ago, Swamplot, a Houston real estate blog, started a series of posts about Ken and Linda Lay's condo penthouse that had gone on the market for sale.  This choice piece of real estate was the last of 18 properties that Ken and Linda owned.  Poor babies. 

The asking price was a lofty $12.8 million.  That's a lot of coin for me, but not for the 1%.  They held a "private sale."  Perhaps not surprising, it didn't sell.

The price was soon cut to $11.9 million.  Then to $10.25 million.  

Then it disappeared from the real estate listings.  What happened?  Did someone buy it?

Nope.  It just reappeared on the market, now listed at $6.395 million.  Whatta bargain!

What's not to like?

Some highlights of the property:

360-degree skyline views
corner balconies
12,287 square feet
5 bedrooms
4 full bathrooms
5 half bathrooms
6 elevators
10 parking spaces
$10,182 monthly maintenance fee
The entire 33rd floor of The Huntingdon, a condo hi-rise at 2121 Kirby Dr.

A little rich for me, still.  Is there any lesson to be learned?

See the entire real estate listing here, and read the entertaining and informative posts about it on Swamplot here.  Ken better be dead.

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