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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Church of Bacon

Hallelujah, I say!  Bacon is worth worshipping, and it's REAL!! It won't answer your prayers or help you win that football game, but it sure smells great. 

Warning: Bacon might clog your arteries. 

Church Of Bacon Gathers 12,000 Members After Offering Free Weddings, Funerals And Baptisms

An atheist Church founded in Las Vegas is named after the most worshipped breakfast meat - bacon.

Mirror UK reports the United Church of Bacon is offering free weddings, funerals and baptisms to church members who listen to the word of "bacon god".

"Officiants in the United Church of Bacon can perform legal weddings for those who don't want God in their ceremony," a statement in the website reads. "We'll bring creative suggestions to make your wedding even more magical. Or if you already have a plan, we will follow your lead."

The bacon religion welcomed more followers since it offered free ceremonial services a few months ago. Currently, the United Church of Bacon has gathered over 12,000 members under leaders whom they call "Bacon Prophet", "Institutionalized Thought Leader" and "Funkmaster General".
Founded in 2010 by atheist John Whiteside, the mockery religion was built to fight discrimination against atheists and encourage people to push for separation of church and state.
"The hatred of atheists, atheophobia and secularphobia, has no stigma, unlike homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and racism," said Bacon Prophet John. "That needs to change."
Although it hasn't been reported if church-goers receive bacon for communion, the United Church of Bacon intend to fulfill a serious purpose.
"The skeptics' church has a serious intent, to fight religious discrimination against non-believers, to promote church-state separation, and to demand equal rights for everyone, regardless of faith," according to the website.
The church encourages its members to follow the 9 Commandments: be skeptical; respect boundaries; normalise atheists; normalise religion; have fun; be good; be generous; praise bacon; and protest bias in the law.
Gaining its popularity after putting up several billboards across Las Vegas, the mocking Church has started facing criticisms from religious leaders. "We enjoy people mocking us. We mock ourselves," the bacon prophet said. "This isn't supposed to offend anyone."

Praise the lard!

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