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Friday, September 4, 2015

Lee on Kim Davis

My uncle, Lee T of San Antonio, a very religious man, has some choice words for Kim Davis, the fundamentalist who hates gays so much she refused to issue them marriage licenses. I had a feeling he'd have something to say about her. As usual, I agree with Lee.  If Davis were working in a church, she could discriminate to her hearts content, but as a civil servant, she is bound to obey and uphold the law. Otherwise, get the fuck out.

When this exceptionally dumb woman made the initial decision a few weeks ago to deny marriage licenses to those she did not approve of due to her religious beliefs, she basically decided to impose her religious values on the citizens of Kentucky in Rowan county.  She wants to practice her civil  job, whether appointed or elected, based on religious beliefs. She is a civil servant not a religious servant. If she cannot perform her duties based on civil law due to her religious laws, than she should never have accepted the job. 

The county is an extension of the state, the state is an extension of the United States and the United States by agreement of all 50 states is ruled by the laws of the land, the Constitution. Under our Constitution, our Supreme Court has the authority to rule on disputed issues involving our constitution. The ruling by the High Court becomes the Supreme Law of the Land to which all federal, state, county, and local officials are obligated by law to follow.

Most of us in the US have a religion of one kind or another, however, we live in a Democracy not a theocracy. 
If this gal wants to impose the laws of God on the citizenry, she should move to Iran. I am certain she would do quite well there with the clerics.

These religious freaks, the crazies, as Pres. Bush likes to call them, need to understand that we are a secular country under our constitution  Our constitution is our bible, for the purposes of government.  That is why I very strongly oppose religious fanatics from entering the political arena. The Separation of church and state is very clearly embedded in our constitution and has been there since 1791.  A few years ago the Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme court refused to obey a federal judicial order to remove a religious icon from his Judicial bench in Montgomery. His refusal violated a federal judicial order and his other eight colleagues (Justices) on the Alabama Supreme Court voted unanimously  to remove him as Chief Justice. 

In order to clear the impasse in Rowan County, Kentucky, I think the legislative body of Rowan County (County Commissioners or a similar authoritative body authorized by the Kentucky state constitution) should remove the county clerk from her position and appoint a new person who will abide by the laws, all laws, of the land, Kentucky law and all federal laws. Federal law supersedes state laws.

I heard Rand Paul's objection to the Judge's orders and saying he had no right to put her in jail. Preacher Huckabee said that the federal government was criminalizing Christianity. By making those statements these two men have disqualified themselves as Presidential candidates. The judge was following the U.S. constitution as judged by the U.S. Supreme Court.

That is the law of the land.

Let me close with this: in a democracy we agree to abide by the laws of the land as stated in our constitution, and laws passed by our legislators, (the Congress and the states). If any law, state or federal, is challenged in a state or federal court, those laws which the courts rule are constitutional and the Supreme Court of the United States is the ultimate authority as to what is constitutional and what is not, that law becomes the law of the land. The only way to overturn a Supreme Court ruling is to change (Amend) the constitution and there isn't an easy way for that process.

By denying to issue a marriage license to gay people, the county clerk violated a direct order from a federal judge to do her civil job as determined by law. A county clerk is a civil servant and must obey the laws of the land.  In her own words she was/is "obeying the word of God". A marriage license is an Act of the State, it has nothing to do with God. Performing a marriage ceremony can be either an Act of God if it takes place in a religious setting or it can be an Act of the State if it is performed by a city, county, state, military, or federal official. 

This gal gets her paycheck from the County/State/people of Kentucky, not from God. 

Federal law applies to Confederate Hillbillies also.

Lee T.

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