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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cyber Party

The Cyber Party?  What's that, an Australian online party of some kind?  

No, it's a (sorta) new political party, and it's headed up by yet another "eccentric" millionaire John McAfee.  Yes, the same McAfee that created the first commercial anti-virus program for the online world. 

And John McAfee has announced that he is running for President of the US, heading up the Cyber Party.

McAfee was born on an army base in the UK to US parents. Hi, John McCain!  So, he technically COULD be US president, but his chances are infinitesimally small, like Donald Trump.

McAfee Anti-Virus Creator Running For President

The self-described “eccentric millionaire” made passing references to the candidacy online, including the news that an official announcement would be made at 6 p.m. ET on Wednesday.
According to CNN Money, who spoke with McAfee ahead of Wednesday evening’s official announcement, has created his own political party, “the Cyber Party.” It’s focus?
“We are losing privacy at an alarming rate — we have none left,” McAffee explained. “We’ve given up so much for the illusion of security and our government is simply dysfunctional.”
In other words, “privacy” and “Internet security” are two of McAfee’s major concerns, and he believes that his particular background and wealth are strong enough to steer him into the White House so that he can tackle both.
According to the software magnate, the federal government “lacks an understanding of the basic technology that runs the world.”

You can read up on the wild ride of John McAfee here.  Hey, John, got any LSD left? Put down the machine gun!

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