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Sunday, March 20, 2016

946 pounds of weed

946 pounds of weed in the dunes.
946 pounds of weed.

Fish one out
Pass it about
945 pounds of weed in the dunes.

Game Wardens find over 900 pounds of pot on Island

Texas game wardens, including the Maritime Tactical Operations Group, today unearthed more than 900 pounds of marijuana that was hidden among the sand dunes of South Padre Island.
While patrolling the coastline between beach access points 5 and 6, game wardens noticed heavy foot traffic leading from the water’s edge to the dunes. After a quick search of the area, several partially buried, plastic-wrapped packages were located. Further investigation led to the discovery of more than a dozen bundles of drugs buried in the sand. In total, 946 pounds of marijuana were seized.
With thousands of people flocking to the island for spring break and Semana Santa (Holy Week), Texas Game Wardens have increased their presence in the area, working alongside the United States Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection Marine Interdiction Agents to assist with security efforts. This is one of the larger seizures for the department this year. The marijuana has been turned over to federal investigators with the Department of Homeland Security.

Oh, what a waste!

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