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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

John Blum

I met John several years ago when he joined the Midtown Community Garden that we were building in Houston. Along with everything else, he's a pretty good gardener.

Even with a mysterious nervous system disorder that doctors could never figure out, John didn't let any of that slow him down. He recently finished his second bike ride in the Patagonia in South America and will be doing the MS 150 this year for the 4th time. The MS (Multiple Sclerosis) 150 is a two-day bike ride from Houston to Austin.

John recently sent out an appeal on behalf of Multiple Sclerosis patients. See below.

Welcome to John Blum's Page

A few years ago I had medical issues that required multiple visits to a neurologist, who recommended I don't do things like ride my bike from Houston to Austin.  I don't have multiple sclerosis, but the only thing I dislike more than being told what to do is to put my dreams in a drawer labeled someday. I do not accept that people with multiple sclerosis have to wake up each day to find more of their drawers locked. This is not acceptable and is not the inevitable conclusion.
Don't know anyone with Multiple Sclerosis? Imagine if your ability to live vibrantly slowly diminished, or if life's basic functions were on a roulette wheel and each day you woke up the ball landed on and took away your ability to walk, hold a cup of coffee or hug your child, rending your senses daft. Would you accept this? Of course not. 

You probably already know someone who experiences this - but are unaware because their symptoms are often invisible. Let's enable them to live with vigor. I ride the MS150 because I want to enable people with this devastating, progressive disease to have treatment, support and hope that tomorrow can be lived as fully as today

Would you consider donating to this good cause?  Go to John's page here.

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