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Friday, March 4, 2016

fire alarm!!!

So the wife and I are in College Station, Texas for the wedding of our youngest niece, Katy, to her Bryan firefighter boyfriend Mitch. Most of the family is staying at the Marriott hotel, but Katy and the bridesmaids were at a different hotel which was close to the hair salon. (Women!)

So at about 2:30am this morning, the fire alarm sounded at Katy's hotel and everyone had to evacuate.  Fortunately it was a false alarm, so the girls took the opportunity to pose outside the hotel. 

Sure enough, the fire truck that responded to the alarm was from the firehouse where Mitch is stationed, and all the firefighters that showed up with the truck are going to be at the wedding on Saturday. Mitch wasn't on duty, as he's getting some time off for the wedding.

Naturally, Katy had to pose with Mitch's fire truck.

A story that will live for decades.

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