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Thursday, March 17, 2016

pot is booming

When is Texas going to get off of its right-wing moralizing ass and legalize marijuana?  Or at least pass a medical marijuana bill that can be used by more than 0.01% of Texans. Texas is passing up BILLIONS and BILLIONS in additional revenue because there are too many religious Neanderthals in this state.

Legal Pot Outsold Girl Scout Cookies in 2015

With marijuana now legal in over 20 states, the pot industry is booming. In 2015, nearly $3.5 billion in profits have been reported. However, smokers suffering from the munchies didn't turn to Girl Scout cookies to fulfill their cravings, as that classic American snack generated only $776 million in sales last year.
According to Quartz, the trade publication Marijuana Business Daily estimates that for every $1 spent on pot, the surrounding economy gains $3, including supply purchases to grow the plants, including lights, fertilizer, etc. Profits into the tens of billions of dollars are projected for local economies in these states that have legalized the recreational drug over the next four years.
With all of this profit-potential swirling about, Girl Scouts have taken to selling their cookies outside of pot dispensaries. Unfortunately, they can't seem to compete with other snack products like Funyuns or Doritos brands which brought in an astounding $4.9 billion in 2015.

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