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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Aron Ra on Pence

As if Donald Trump isn't bad enough, he went and picked a moron named Mike Pence as his Vice Presidential candidate. Pence is about as regressive as they come, so I guess he's perfect for Agent Orange.

In the video below, Aron Ra, noted Texas atheist, dismantles Pence's homey lies and bullshit.

Here is Aron's note accompanying the video: 

On July 11th 2002, then-Representative Mike Pence testified before the House of Representatives that public schools should teach the theory of evolution as if it were only one of multiple hypotheses regarding the origins of species. Now that Trump the Chump has chosen Pence the Dense as his vice presidential running mate, I felt obliged to address now-Governor Pence's willful ignorance and deliberate misrepresentation of evolution.

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