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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Telic shoes

I think I have finally found the shoes that I have been needing for my feet. This is beyond the orthotics that I picked up in May from my Podiatrist. Those orthotics are great when I have to wear "real" (closed-toe) shoes. But I wanted something I could easily slip on and off around the house and I think I have finally found them. (click the pic)
With an assist from my sister in Colorado, I discovered Telic shoes. It's a Colorado company and they are amazingly comfortable and Made in the USA. They have multiple styles, kinda like Crocs, but they have so much more padding they are just awesome.

A blurb

Being called “America’s recovery shoe” and winner of the ‘Readers Choice Awards’ for Best Comfort Shoe, Telic is a revolutionary new product with unparalleled comfort.  
Telic uses a new material called Novalon™; a body-heat activated, waterproof, feather-light material that is durable, elastic, and pillow-soft.  Contoured to support the arches of your feet, all styles feature a deep heel cup with great medial arch and metatarsal support.  
Telic's award-winning comfort makes for the perfect shoe during long days on your feet, or the perfect recovery shoe after a hard day’s work.
They are a little expensive, but worth every penny.

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