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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

ch-ch-ch changes

Quite a few changes to the new homestead on the island. 

Today we installed the new 250-gallon propane tank and hooked it up to the new pool water heater. The previous owner buried a propane tank in the same area, but it had deteriorated so much over time we just left it there, filled in around it, and laid a concrete block on top of it to support the new tank.

Last week they dug trenches in the back yard and buried a gas line that will supply our future outdoor kitchen and generator.

Before that, we outfitted most windows with top down-bottom up shades. The view of the bay is awesome, especially in the afternoon when the sunlight breaks up into millions of glittering diamonds on the water, but when the sun shines directly in the window into your eyes, a shade on the window is welcome.

Before that we had the swimming pool refinished. It was built in 2001 and this is the first maintenance on it.

Refinishing a swimming pool is a helluva lot of work. I'm awfully grateful that we're able to afford a pool! And that I'm at that stage where I can sit and watch and not have to do that manual labor.

Before the pool, we cleaned up the palm trees along the western boundary of the property line, and in doing so discovered about 12 smaller palm trees we didn't even know were there! I think we are now up to 27 palms on our property. Or maybe 12.

Generated quite a pile of trimmings. They get picked up the first week of each month.

While planning the gardens next door, we couldn't resist growing a few things, like herbs and tomatoes. Can't hardly get by without basil.

and cilantro, among others.

Got our first ripe tomato (!) and it was as wonderfully sweet and juicy as you can imagine, if you've ever had a fresh homegrown tomato, that is.

And that's only scratching the surface!! We will be adding lots of color. Picked up some bougainvilla, hibiscus, and lillies recently. So much more to come. Just keep the hurricanes away!

Hang in there!

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