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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Roscoe Wind Farm

On our recent travels, we happened upon the 781.5-MW Roscoe Wind Farm in central Texas. It's an awesome sight: wind turbines everywhere, east, west, north, south, as far as the eye can see.

When it was built in 2009, it was then the largest wind farm in the world. Now it ranks around 19th. It is an exciting and awesome sight to see these graceful machines spinning and making clean energy.

On a clear night, we can see the relatively-tiny, 93-MW San Roman wind farm lights blinking in the distance on the mainland from here on South Padre Island. It's glorious and gratifying. 

World's largest onshore wind farms
Wind farmCurrent
Gansu Wind Farm6,800China[1][8][9][10][11]
Zhang Jiakou3,000China[8]
Urat Zhongqi, Bayannur City2,100China[8]
Hami Wind Farm2,000China[8]
Damao Qi, Baotou City1,600China[8]
Alta (Oak Creek-Mojave)1,320United States[12]
Jaisalmer Wind Park1,064India[13]
Hongshagang, Town, Minqin County1,000China[8]
Kailu, Tongliao1,000China[8]
Buffalo Gap Wind Farm523.3United States[14][15]
Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm662.5United States[14][15]
Dabancheng Wind Farm500China[16]
Fântânele-Cogealac Wind Farm600Romania[17]
Fowler Ridge Wind Farm599.8United States[18]
Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center735.5United States[14][15]
Meadow Lake Wind Farm500United States[18]
Panther Creek Wind Farm458United States[15]
Roscoe Wind Farm781.5United States[19]
Shepherds Flat Wind Farm845United States
Sweetwater Wind Farm585.3United States[14]
Whitelee Wind Farm539Scotland, U.K

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