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Sunday, April 9, 2017

long yard sale

OK, a "yard sale" that stretches for 70 miles?! WTF? I say, I say, WTF?

Annual ‘longest yard sale’ set for early May

The Military Highway/U.S. 281 Texas Longest Yard 
Sale has gotten a little longer — by a day to be 

The third annual event, the brainchild of Repeat 
Boutique owner Yolanda Almaguer, is adding a 
Sunday this time around. The collective yard sale 
takes place the weekend of May 5-7 along roughly 
70 miles of U.S. 281 from Brownsville to 
Linn/San Manuel.

Almaguer said the sale probably will be the same 
distance as last year, though more people will be 
participating. Sellers are already inquiring about 
spaces to set up tables along the route, she said. 
Almaguer also has helpers scouting out additional 
spots to rent in the upper Rio GrandeValley.

Several tiny communities along U.S. 281 have 
begun promoting the event, and several churches 
are getting involved as well, she said. Last year, 
a seller drove all the way from Baytown to take 
part and plans to return this year, Almaguer said.

On the Brownsville end, A&V Lopez 
Supermarket has been on board with the project 
since the beginning in terms of providing space 
to sellers.

For more information, call (956) 312-1900, 
send an email to or visit 
the event’s Facebook page.

A more complete version of this story is available 
1 imageMiguel Roberts
Yolanda Almaguer owner of Repeat Boutique in Brownsville stands on US 281 (Military Highway) as the driving force behind the annual Texas Longest Yard Sale Rio Grande Valley, which begins on the first Friday of May every year and runs along US 281 corridor from Brownsville.

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