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Friday, May 15, 2015


Ever since we moved out of our large house in Midtown with the awesome rooftop deck and garden, we have maintained the tiniest of balcony gardens at the two apartment complexes where we have lived.  

We miss having a decent amount of space to plant herbs and things but are making do.  We sure miss having mouth-watering homegrown tomatoes, but we don't miss the daily tending and watering that took quite a long while since we had such a large garden.

We bought a tomato plant at the Sprouts Farmers Market a week or so ago and it had a few flowers on it already. Since we haven't seen any bees or butterlies on our 3rd floor balcony, we broke out the tiny paintbrush and tried to pollinate, and it worked! Tomatoes!  

It's a "Patio" type, so the plant will remain small, which is helpful.  How many tomatoes can you count?  Clicking the pic would help. 

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