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Sunday, May 24, 2015


It looks like America, and the world, has a new "political" party: The Transhumanist Party.  You can go here to see the party website.

What is Transhumanism?  

Transhumanism (or H+), broadly speaking, is a futurist movement with a set of beliefs with a common theme of anticipating an evolutionary plateau beyond the current Homo sapiens. The term was coined and movement founded by the biologist Julian Huxley in 1957.
The general expectation is that in the near future greater manipulation of human nature will be possible because of the adoption of techniques apparent on the technological frontier: machine intelligence greater than that of contemporary humans, direct mind-computer interface, genetic engineering andnanotechnology. Transhumanists tend to believe that respect for human agency, even when practiced by humans in their current form, is valuable, however.

They have a logo: 

Here is an interesting, 11-minute video explaining in brief what Transhumanism is all about:

The Transhumanist Party has a Presidential candidate for 2016: Zoltan Istvan.  

No, Zoltan is not a space lizard.  But he is an avowed atheist, so, hey! We have an atheist running for President! Does he stand a chance in 2016? Highly unlikely, but Zoltan knows this, and the goal is to build for the future.

I'll probably vote for the Democrat in 2016, but the time after that...?

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