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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


As long as we're on serious topics...

Today's conservatives in America really get worked up when it comes to the subject of abortion. They really, really hate it. They will KILL to save some of those poor, helpless fetuses. They will lie, scream in your face, and try to humiliate those young women who are bold and brazen enough to want to control their own bodies. They really, really hate it.

Why? Their bible tells them to.

But does it? Funny, that. No, not really it doesn't, but since when has reality or the truth really mattered to the religiously insane among us?

What does the bible actually have to say about "abortion"? I doubt that todays anti-abortion zealots really even care what the bible has to say about it, especially if it conflicts with their interpretation of that ancient book. Natch.

Let's take a look anyway:

~ Life begins at birth - with the first breath (Gen 2:7) 

~ Fetuses are not persons (Ex 21:22-25) 

~ Fetuses should be aborted as proof of adultery (Num 5:11-31)

~ Life is not sacred (Deut 28:18-24)

~ God will rip open pregnant mothers-to-be (2Kings 8:12)

~ Israelite King Menahem ripped open pregnant women (2Kings 15:16)

~ God will kill unborn fetuses (Isa 13:18)

~ God will destroy fetuses in utero (Hos 9:10-16)

~ God will dash infants in pieces and rip open pregnant women (Hos 13:16)

God slaughtered millions of pregnant women and their unborn fetuses during Noah's flood, the conquest of Canaan, Sodom and Gomorrah and 20 major slaughters.

A dozen bible verses referring to the developing fetus do not condemn abortion.

God, Jesus, Moses and Paul did not prohibit abortion.

The bible is silent about the fact that two-thirds of conceived embryos fail to implant or are spontaneously aborted. That would make a deity in charge of nature history's greatest abortionist. It's clear the bible shows an utter disregard for human life.


It's vital for womens' freedom to ensure that our civil rights are not subject to somebody else's religion.

Today's religious rightwing nuts in America seriously distort and misinterpret their own holy book to try to control the actions of others. Maybe their insane ministers and preachers have put them up to it? Because they didn't get that shit directly from the bible. 

You know, that sounds a lot like what those insane Muslims are doing with ISIS and ISIL and all of those crazy sects that the respectable Islamists will say are misinterpreting their Koran for their own ends.

Terrorists. Religious terrorists. The only difference might be in scale: whereas the Christians will usually kill one at a time (like doctors or nurses), the Muslims happily take out 50 at a time.


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