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Friday, June 17, 2016

Paul Manafort

Moving from one gross topic to another, you remember when Donald Trump named lobbyist Paul Manafort to his team back in April? At that time, I thought, how long until Manafort takes over the whole operation? Well, with the exit of Corey Lewandowski, it just happened. It only took a couple of months.

Paul Manafort is a sleazebag extraordinare. Think Roger Stone and Lee Atwater. He's as bad as they get, and he's perfect for Trump.

Knowledge is power. 

Manafort reveals a lot of his strategy in this story in the Huffington Post.

The Daily Beast took a good look at Manafort's work for the "Torturer's Lobby" here.

Some of Manafort's antics with Ferdinand Marcos are detailed in Politico here.

Better watch your back, Hillary. 

Roger Stone/Paul Manafort
brothers in sleaze

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