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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rude on Brexit

So it appears that a lot of Britain's Leave voters were fed lies, deceits, and misinformation, basically using fear and ignorance to trick them into voting to Leave the European Union. How not unusual.

Sounds a lot like what is going on in America right now. Donald Trump is lying about anything and everything to fool the rubes into voting for him, and he's pulled the wool over quite a number of Republicans. Granted, that's not that hard to do, since they are such low-information voters. Or it could also be that the GOP voters have finally found a racist that isn't afraid to talk shit and they can relate. 

Similar to the Brits, facts do not seem to permeate Trump voters. Their minds are made up. Period. They actually think that "Trump is just like me" and that he cares about the poor slobs with poorly paid jobs. 

And as the economy and stock markets deteriorate under all this uncertainty, a lot of Britons seem to be having a touch of buyer's remorse.

In cases like this, I like to turn to the Rude Pundit.

While the vote yesterday in the United Kingdom to leave the European Union is a giant roach fuckball of awful consequences, many still to come, and while it represents a triumph of xenophobia and outright racism over the forces of reason and sanity, a sign of the apocalypse, and a demonstration that the Great Stupiding of the world is fully upon us (more on that next week), hey, we're human, so let's go into the weekend with a teacup half-full attitude.

1. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's hair will make President Donald Trump's epic combover look positively normal. 

2. A whole bunch of stiff upper lips are getting some much-needed exercise by quivering in fear and sadness.

3. Two words: Bargain corgis.

4. For Tony Blair alone: The smug satisfaction of knowing you are no longer the worst PM of the modern era.

5. For David Cameron alone: More time to stick your dick in a pig.

6. Pound notes will make good kindling when winter rolls around.

7. Much fewer annoying Spanish tourists in England. They'll all be heading to Scotland and Ireland.

8. Owners of curry houses in Birmingham won't have to worry about more competition coming in.

9. Young people in England now have the best reason to hate the elderly.

10. Good chance that, 28 days later, the country will be decimated by crazed zombies with a rage virus. So we get to see how that goes.

11. Maybe, just maybe, voters in the United States will think, "Huh. Voting for the crazy side might not be as fun as it sounds."

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